Alessandro De Paris

Associate Professor

Link Campus University - Rome

Course Catalogue

Alessandro De Paris, PhD, is a mathematician. In November 2023, after a three-year, fully autonomous professional experience as a distance tutor, he was appointed Associate Professor in the scientific-disciplinary field MAT/03 - Geometry, at Link Campus University. He previously worked for more than twenty-four years as a researcher on a permanent basis, publishing in international journals, giving university lectures and participating, also as coordinator, in various scientific projects and meetings. His current interests lie in tensor rank and combinatorial aspects (both of which are of interest to theoretical computer science as well as mathematics). Among his most significant results, is the determination of a complete system of differential invariants for the classical Monge-Ampère equations of the symplectic type, of an upper limitation, later revealed to be sharp, for the rank of ternary algebraic forms of the fifth degree, and of the asymptotic value for the degree of the maximum rank of ternary algebraic forms. Furthermore, he proposed a mathematical model for the responses of olfactory neurons, and co-authored a thorough monograph presenting the fundamentals of the theory of linear connections on differentiable vector fibres from an innovative point of view.


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The professor is available to receive the students at the end of the lessons. However, the students may also request an appointment by email.