Student services

Our student services department offers assistance to foreign students wishing to study at Link Campus University

We guide our prospective students in finding the academic program that suits them best.

Link Campus University offers several services to foreign students such as: assistance in obtaining proof of stay documentation for visa applications, residence permits, personal tax code number, and insurance agreements with AON. Pick-up service from airport on first arrival is also provided.

We help all of our students find the right accommodation in Rome according to their budget and requests. They can either be close to the University or to the best public transportation solution for them to arrive quickly and safely to campus.

A tutoring and mentoring service delivered by our University Professors, supports students during the entire academic program, helping to build their curriculum, facilitate their learning process, and make a successful entry into the working world.

Any specific case is examined privately in order to assure the needs and expectations for each one of our students with disabilities are appropriately met.

The Academic Office follows and supports students in all academic aspects of their: schedules, classrooms, IT-related aspects, dialogue with professors, and so forth.

The Career Services office helps students and graduates in finding the right job or internship opportunity connected to their field of studies.

The library is the reference point for students where they can study and do research with a catalogue of specialized and recently published books available to them along with a study room where students can prepare exams.

Link Campus University participates in the Universities of Rome’s 11-a-side soccer championship, which has 2 five-a-side football teams, women’s and men’s. Training and matches are held at CONI centre of Acqua Acetosa “Complesso Sportivo Giulio Onesti”. In 2019 the soccer team won for the third consecutive year the 14th edition of Rome’s soccer competition for universities in central Italy.

A Cafè available to students where they can gather and meet in a friendly environment.


What support services does the Studium package include?
Studium Academic Support Services is a package of services that provide additional academic support to students enrolled in an LCU degree program. To deliver this package, LCU is partnering with a specialized provider of tutorial services for university students.

The Studium package includes:
1 week a month of advanced training (seminars, laboratories and strategic conversations), delivered on site at the provider’s headquarters in Rome.
6 pre-exam collective full immersion sessions (90 minutes each), delivered on-site at the provider’s headquarters in Rome.
96 hours of individual tutoring (2 hourly sessions per week), delivered at the provider’s headquarters in Rome or at any other location in Italy convenient for the student, where the provider has facilities.

What does the advanced training cover?

Seminars and Laboratories on topics relevant for the student’s chosen course.
       Examples are:
           • Emergency law.
           • Strategic change analysis.
           • Innovative process governance.
Conversations on major strategic issues with participation of national and international decision-makers, managers and strategic thinkers.

What other support services does studium provide?

In addition to the advanced training and tutorial offerings, purchase of the Studium package also provides access to the following services at all of the provider’s locations in Italy:
• Didactic orientation.
• Bureaucratic assistance related to enrollment at our University.
• Access to a private study room for carrying out academic activities whenever a class is operating in distance learning mode.

What is the cost of the studium academic support package?

The cost of the one-year Studium academic support package is 8.000 Euro. Together with the annual tuition for a Bachelor or Master Degree course (12.000 Euro), this brings the total cost for a year of education at LCU, including Studium, to 20.000 Euro.