Quality Assurance System

The AVA system (Self-Assessment, Periodic Evaluation, Accreditation) comprises the set of ANVUR activities implementing the provisions of Law 20/12/2010, n. 240 and Legislative Decree 27/01/2012, n. 19. The AVA system aims to improve the quality of teaching, research, the third mission/social impact and other institutional and management activities carried out in the universities, through the application of a Quality Assurance (QA) model based on internal procedures for the design, management, self-assessment and improvement of educational and scientific activities and on external verification carried out in a clear and transparent manner.

In full compliance of the requirements provided by the AVA system and in application of the quality policies adopted by the Academic Senate and the Board of Directors, the University established a system for the assessment and improvement of the quality of the services related to Teaching, Research and Third Mission/Social Impact in the interest of students, teachers, support staff, alumni, representatives of the labour market.