About Us

LINK Campus University is a modern university with an ancient heart, an open and inclusive community that proposes a multidisciplinary educational project aimed to enhance the students' culture and skills, but also to offer concrete qualifications, discover talents and face the challenges posed by the labour market.

Thanks to an innovative educational offer, result of a constant relationship with companies and institutions, LINK Campus University makes young people protagonists of their human, cultural and professional development.

LINK Campus University brings together the knowledge system, the production system, the research and development system, to promote creative and scientific talents, creators of opportunities and new perspectives.

LINK Campus University offers the possibility to study in a highly innovative and remarkably beautiful environment, and to prove the knowledge and abilities acquired, playing a pivotal role in the human and professional growth of the students, thus enabling them to become competitive in an ever-changing world.

LINK Campus University is an emanation of Foundation Link Campus University which ensures the pursuit of its institutional aims, provides for the organisation of all the services required for the correct operation of the branches and the teaching and research activities of the university, in accordance with its statutes, by entrusting them to Global Education Management S.p.A. , which provides for the logistics and everything necessary for the management.