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Enrico Maria Cervellati

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Graduated in psychology in 2000 at the University of Rome La Sapienza, where he also attained a PhD in Social Psychology (2005). In 2008 he attained a 2nd level Master in Sports Psychology (2008) at the University of Foro Italico in Rome.
In 2004 he became adjunct professor at the University of Sassari; and in 2009 he became adjunct professor at the University of Genova with courses related to the area of social psychology and research methodology.
His research interests are related to various sectors of applied social psychology, such as: justice and deviance, environmental and community psychology, sports. Furthermore, he gained a solid experience in qualitative and mixed research systems.
He is consultant partner for ATLAS.ti and MAXQDA softwares, which he employed in various courses in Italy and abroad.
On July 2018 he attained the National Scientific Qualification for the sector M-PSI/05.
Research fellow at the University of Genova (Dep. Education Science, Dep. Health Science, Dep. Anthropological Sciences) and Università di Roma Tre (Dep. Science of Education), he is currently involved in national and international research networks.
With relation to the extra-academic professional activities, he is honorary judge by the Juvenile Court of Genova (since 2011), carries out the activity of expert psychologist ex art. 80 (penitentiary system) at the district office for external criminal execution (Genova-Savona); between 2017 and 2021 he was ratione materiae at the forensic centre of Genoa.
From 2002, he has been carrying out training activities (planning and provision) at the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health, the CNR (Institute for Educational Technologies, Genoa), Universities and various research institutes;
he carried out professional activity as sports psychologist at national federations and is a member of the educational staff of the regional sports school.

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