Link Campus University is one of the 79 universities that use the services of the AlmaLaurea Interuniversity Consortium: almost 90% of the graduates who earn their degrees each year. AlmaLaurea( annually conducts census surveys on the profile and employment status of graduates 1, 3 and 5 years after obtaining their degree.

The main purposes of the project are:

  • to collect information and evaluations on the graduates' academic pathway and employment status on behalf of the affiliated universities. The resulting analysis and statistics will then published with the aim of guiding recently graduated students in their choice of university and work and of directing the governing bodies of the universities in the planning of teaching and training activities;
  • to publish online the curriculum vitae (CV) of recently graduated students for companies, institutions and professionals looking for qualified experts. The AlmaLaurea database, available online, gets richer every year by about 200,000 CV, and is a unique tool of its kind for features, quality and timeliness.

Upon graduation, all the universities affiliated with AlmaLaurea ask their graduating students to provide through a questionnaire, the evaluations on their learning pathway (required by law).

Upon explicit consent, all graduating students can create and make available their CV in the AlmaLaurea database; the CV will be accessible to companies that will directly use the search and selection services of AlmaLaurea.

With their opinion the students will allow the realization of Surveys on the Profile and Occupational Status of graduates and contribute to improve the University System and guide those who are about to undertake an academic career.

Every year, the AlmaLaurea Consortium collects and analyzes the documentation and evaluations of all graduating students on the academic experience they have just completed, as well as interviews on the employment status of graduated students one, three and five years after graduation. The results, publicly available on the Consortium's website, are provided to the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) and to the governing bodies (evaluation teams, Quality Assurance Chairs, etc.) of the member universities. The results of the surveys guide the planning of training activities and contribute to defining the distribution of ministerial funds to universities on the basis of appropriate indicators.

AlmaLaurea for students and graduates

The Curriculum Vitae. The CV is created by registering on AlmaLaurea. The CV is made accessible to companies and institutions by AlmaLaurea through a search engine that allows profiles to be selected on the basis of a series of criteria.
Each student/graduate can configure the visibility of their CV in the database and define their preferences for job offers and training courses (alert).
The CV can be used to apply for job offers and can be submitted to a company participating in a selection event. It can also be downloaded for use in other contexts (e.g. emailing).
The CV in AlmaLaurea is unique for each student/graduate even if he/she has obtained degrees from more than one University. The information related to the degree is certified by the University. The CV is available in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish and can be used in AlmaLaurea or Europass format.
An online guide indicates the level of compilation of the CV and provides indications to enrich it. It is possible to store in the CV all the information considered interesting and decide, each time, which to make visible. In addition to information on study and work experience and on language and computer skills, it is possible to include information on experiences abroad, any publications, projects carried out, membership of professional associations, and links to multimedia files.
It is very important to define your professional objective and preferences in relation to the job sought (preferred location, willingness to relocate, company sector, ...).
Many sections of the CV allow the insertion of free-text fields: these sections are essential to insert the information that characterize your experience and skills to improve visibility by recruiters. It is very important to always use the right keywords carefully.

Job and/or internship bulletin board. It is possible to consult the job offers on the AlmaLaurea website. By accessing your private area you can view all the ads sorted according to the correspondence (matching) between the characteristics of the position specified by the company and those of your profile. You can respond directly online by sending your AlmaLaurea CV. It is important not to neglect the cover letter that will accompany the application.

Companies will introduce themselves. This is the showcase of companies interested in receiving spontaneous applications. In this section you can learn more about companies looking for graduates, their selection policies, the most sought-after profiles and any open positions.

Events. Career Opportunities. Almalaurea organizes events o connect domestic and international companies with graduates. You can identify the events you are most interested in based on their geographical location and participating companies. All you will have to do then, is to register directly online and present yourself in advance to the companies you are most interested in by sending your CV. From 2020, as a result of the COVID emergency, the events can also be held online in an integrated platform that allows you to send your CV, participate in company presentations and hold individual interviews between recruiters and graduates.

Members of protected classes. In order to promote the employment of people belonging to protected categories, it is possible for graduates to include this information in their CVs and, for companies, to indicate that a specific job offer is reserved for this specific category of users.

The AlmaGO app

AlmaGO! is the new AlmaLaurea App, for Android and iOS, which allows you to consult job offers and recruiting events and send your curriculum vitae to companies.
You can quickly consult the job and internship offers published by AlmaLaurea by setting search filters according to your preferences (type of job, sector, place of work...). You can also ignore the offers you consider uninteresting and save the ones you want to pay more attention to.

Applying is immediate: just one click.
The offers are sorted according to the correspondence between the curriculum vitae and the profile sought. It is important to always keep your curriculum vitae updated, enriching it with any work experience or internship.

AlmaGo! allows you to register and participate in recruiting events organized throughout Italy by AlmaLaurea and by your University.
It is important to enable notifications so that the App can warn you when there are important news to communicate.

Download the App and find your job! (
Remember to log in using your AlmaLaurea credentials.

Log in to AlmaGO on the web ( to update your CV and job search preferences.

Tools to evaluate the study path and professional choices

In addition to the reports and data related to the two surveys, updated annually, AlmaLaurea offers other more specific tools to better orient themselves in the various stages of their university career.

Orientation for high school students. The AlmaLaurea surveys on the profile and occupational status of graduates have allowed the Consortium to develop AlmaOrièntati, an orientation programme aimed at simplifying the choice of an academic pathway, created by a team of experts (psychologists, statisticians and sociologists). The AlmaOrièntati path, available to graduates to help them make the right choice, is available on

Orientation for the continuation of studies. Created for the purpose of the orientation during the course of study, to help the students decide wether to continue with postgraduate training, various tools are available, starting with consultation of the postgraduate training offer and professions.

Focus Professions: based on the results of the surveys on the profile and employment status of graduates that it carries out every year, AlmaLaurea analyses the most common professions, examining the educational and socio-economic characteristics of graduates, their salaries and the coherence between the qualifications obtained and the work done.

Focus Corsi di laurea: on the basis of the results of the Surveys on the Profile and Occupational Status of Graduates that it carries out every year, AlmaLaurea analyzes the main courses of study, as well as the educational and occupational performance of those who have already acquired the degree.
Webinar: AlmaLaurea organizes webinars in order to support graduates in finding a job.

Surveys: Profile and Employment of Graduates. Browse through the profile and employment progresses of graduates from your degree course: compare your experience with that of graduates who have followed the same or equivalent courses at other universities.

Help for students and graduates

On the AlmaLaurea website there is a section dedicated to help for graduates to use all AlmaLaurea services. In addition to online documentation, such as answers to frequently asked questions, all the channels through which you can contact our support for students and graduates are illustrated.
You can contact AlmaLaurea through contact forms, by calling the toll-free number or by starting a chat with the operators.

The AlmaLaurea system for companies - the platform for intermediation

The AlmaLaurea Consortium makes available to all affiliated universities a series of online services for the intermediation between the University and the labor market. The system manages the accreditation of companies at the Placement office of the University and regulates the use of various services integrated with the database of students' and graduates' resumes.

Database research and selection.

The company can explore the entire database by viewing the CV in preview (without personal identifiers), through the use of the search engine that combines text search by key words with criteria based on qualifications, language skills and digital skills, preferences regarding the company area of insertion and willingness to relocate.
The company will then select the profiles in line with the position sought and access the resumes complete with identification and contact details. The selected curricula will remain available in the reserved area.
It is possible to memorize the selection criteria of each search carried out, associating a description, in order to be able to reuse it later.

Job and/or internship bulletin board.

The companies will organize their job offers independently, indicating the main features of the position and the requirements for the candidate. Upon assessment by the Placement office staff, the announcement is published and will stay online for the time specified by the company. Graduated students will browse through the offers and apply to individual ads by sending the CV in the database and a cover letter. The recruiter can receive the applications directly by e-mail and can consult and evaluate them in their reserved area.

Curriculum Vitae.

The AlmaLaurea curriculum has recently been innovated in graphics and structure for optimum synthesis and readability. The use of a standardized structure helps the recruiter to identify the key information within the curriculum vitae.
In any case, each graduate will have the tools to stand out and enhance his or her profile, integrating the information on the degree and on any professional experience with the skills acquired and the objectives achieved and using the various optional sections (information on professional qualifications/recognitions/accreditations, participation in conferences and seminars, publications...) to make the most of their experience and skills.

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