Didactic Methodologies

All the classrooms and labs of Link Campus University will be turned into Hybrid Learning Spaces, a new frontier in didactics. Link Campus is one of the first Italian and European Universities ever to adopt the hybrid learning approach.

In summary, alongside frontal lessons, the University promotes the training of students who (even if only occasionally) can not attend physically. This new approach is implemented through a model of hybrid teaching, which is the result of specific research carried out in the last year in collaboration with the companies LogMeIn, SMART Technologies Ltd and with the support of CINECA services, allowing teachers to perform all institutional activities both with students attending and with students connected remotely (from other branches of the University or from home).

A sophisticated yet efficient web-based system of calendaring, communication, booking and authentication, rigorously set up within the S.S.O. which guarantees the uniqueness of the credentials and the identity of the participants, allows the community of students and teachers to carry out disciplinary activities as if they were all present in the same environment, with the added benefit of being able to relive the experience as many times as desired, thanks to the availability of the recordings of each lesson in the e-learning platform of the University, called "SmartLearn", along with the support material for study (slides, images, handouts, exercises) provided by the professors.

In conclusion, Link Campus University is once again demonstrating its innovative, student-centered vocation, thanks to the introduction of an interactive, multi-disciplinary and collaborative model, based on the perfect combination between physical and digital learning, increasingly oriented to the training of competitive professionals in the ever-changing reality that we live every day.