Link Campus University has chosen an international approach to training, both in teaching and research. Internationalization, together with interdisciplinarity, is an essential element of the training project. The increasingly evident need of the global job market, is to train professionals who - in the fields of strategic studies and international relations, economics, law, communication - understand the dynamics of the changes taking place and their evolution in order to help governing them in a relevant and effective way; especially in the fields of "public", "private", non-governmental organizations and the so-called "private social" and in the realities of the different "country systems".

The challenge of internationalizing the university is addressed as follows:

  • through the continuous update of Bachelor's Degree Courses, Master's Degree Courses and Academic Masters , and the intensive work on foreign language learning (English and Spanish), also implemented through the gradual provision of courses in a foreign language;
  • giving students the opportunity to carry out semesters of study abroad and professional internships at institutions, professional firms, and international research centers;
  • The Erasmus Programme;
  • through agreements for scientific and academic cooperation with universities and research centers in different continents, with particular attention to the realities of the Mediterranean and Latin America; this ensures a continuous exchange among teachers, researchers and students of different cultural and religious backgrounds, making LCU an increasingly "international academic community";
  • through the realization - in addition to the Bachelor's Degree Courses, the Master's Degree Courses and the Academic Masters  - of higher education courses, in Italy and abroad, even for public organizations.


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