The Academic Orientation service is specifically structured to guide aspiring university students in the process of choosing the most appropriate degree course. The guidance activities provided by the orientation service are also aimed at graduates who wish to continue their studies with a Master's Degree or an Academic Master. 

Link Campus University recognizes the importance of the orientation process as an integral component of the educational process. The university is committed to consolidating its collaboration with educational institutions and participants in the educational sector to promote tools and actions to strengthen young people's abilities for professional growth.

In particular, the University developed a orientation programme articulated into various activities:

  • Incoming orientation – ENTER in order to support the transition from school to the University;
  • Ongoing orientation – INCREASE in order to support the transition from a Bachelor's Degree to a Master's Degree;
  • Outgoing orientation - TRANSFORM in order to support the transition from an academic pathway to the labour market.

Each activity entails specific actions, methodologies and tools dedicated to supporting young people at different levels of the choice processes; the challenge is to contribute to enhancing the centrality of the student in the educational process, working on strengthening awareness, aptitudes and interests.

The programmed activities, declined according to the specific moment in the youth's growth path, are the following:



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