Polisportiva Link Campus University

The purpose of Polisportiva Link Campus University, formally established in 2019, is to develop and disseminate the culture of sporting activities (whether competitive or non-professional, amateur or recreational) and to promote educational activities for beginners, as well as to provide update and improvement activities for advanced competitors. Through its multidisciplinary activities, and thanks to the active collaboration with the masters, degree courses and laboratories on sport, the Polisportiva contributes to the generation of competence and conveys a sense of belonging in the students of the University.

The Polisportiva includes: 11-players male and female football, 5-players male and female football, mixed volleyball, tennis and padel.

An excellence in football

In 2005, upon initiative of Link Campus University and in coordination with other University, was established the Sports Coordination of the Universities of Rome, which, in turn, has led to the establishment of the Championships of the Universities of Rome, an annual tournament involving all the (public, private, italian and international)Universities of the Capital.

Link Campus University has distinguished itself by winning three consecutive 11-players football championships in the 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19 editions. Furthermore, the Polisportiva Link Campus University, participates in the National University Championships of 11-players football, representing the CUS Roma.                      

Sports at Link Campus: collaborations and agreements

The sports have always been one of the University's strong points. The partnership between Link Campus University and CONI has continued uninterruptedly since the University was founded. Together they have created a series of training courses in the field of sport: the Bachelor's Degree Course and the Master's Degree Course in Economics with a specific focus on sport, the Single-Cycle Degree Course in Law with a specific focus on sport and the Master's Degrees in Law and Management of Sport.

In 2010, the University has established Idems, a research center dedicated to research and training on the themes of Sports Law and Sports Management. The Research Center, led by Prof. Mario Pescante, was created with the specific aim to train and qualify professionals and managers in the area of sports law and sports management.

Furthermore, the University collaborates with College Life Italia, official partner of Lega Serie A, Lega Pro, A.I.C. and A.I.A.C. and founder of Soccer Management Institute and Olympic Management Institute. Among the initiatives promoted, is the academic programme specifically dedicated to student-athletes from the United States, which gives them the opportunity to attend to the Bachelor's Degree Course in Economics in English with a focus in Financial Management and the Master's in Sports Management and Coaching, while having the opportunity to reserve a few hours of the day for sports training with the support of professional coaches.