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Loretta Dell’Aguzzo has attained the title of research doctor in Political Science at the Italian Institute of Human Science in 2013. She attained six research grants at the Department of Social and Political Science of the University of Florence.She was adjunct professor of International Relations at the School of Political Science Science "Cesare Alfieri" of the University of Florence and the courses of Strategic Geopolitics at the Unicollege Specialization School for Language Mediators; and European Political Economy at the Vanderbilt University (Florence branch). She teaches International Relations at the Istituto di Scienze Militari Aeronautiche. She carried out a period of study and research at the University of Essex and held seminaries at the University of Sibiu (Romania) and the University of Breslavia (Poland). Currently, her research interests are focused on authoritarian regimes and democratization processes from an internal and international perspective; as well as nationalisms and civil wars. Her research is mainly focused on the following geographical areas: East Europe Countries (western Balkans, Caucasus), Middle East and North Africa. Among her recent publications are the monography “Conflitti Separatisti. Caucaso meridionale, Europa orientale e Balcani” (Carocci editore, 2020) and the article “Patron-client state relations and the geopolitics of authoritarian survival and breakdown: evidence from the MENA countries” (Contemporary Politics, 2022).


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