Fedele Valentina

Rosamaria D'Amore

Associate Professor

Link Campus University - Rome

Course Catalogue

Valentina Fedele is Associate Professor of Sociology of Cultural and Communicational Processes at Link Campus University. She is an islamologist and her main research interests are the articulation and the auto-representment of contemporary social movements in North Africa and the diaspora groups related to the MENA countries, with particular attention to youth migration and the subjective and collective spaces for the re-elaboration of national, ethnic, religious, sport and gender identities. She has participated in several national and international research projects on the topics of gender education, migrant parenting, religious radicalisation, discrimination and inclusion of migrant communities, and organised and unorganised forms of Islam in traditionally non-Muslim contexts. Among the most significant publications: 'Transnational child-ship: the unaccompanied minor in the transnational family' in Migrant Worlds, no. 2, 2022, pp. 119-139; Hirak. La rivoluzione del sorriso in Algeria, Novalogos, Aprilia, 2021; (Unaccompained) Young Migrants and Football: Mediating a ‘Safe Space’ for Enhancing Subjectivities, in Italian Sociological Review, Vol. 11, N.5s, pp. 691- 715; L’invasione des “contamineurs”: l’impact du Covid-19 dans la rhétorique antimigrants en Italie, in Revue Sciences et Actions sociales, N.15.; Islam e Mascolinità. 
La definizione delle soggettività di genere nella diaspora musulmana nel mediterraneo, Mimesis, Milano, 2015.

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