Piero Schiavazzi

Fixed-term extraordinary professor

Link Campus University - Rome

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He graduated with honors in Political Science at "La Sapienza" University. Professional journalist, Vaticanist for Limes and analyst for the Huffington Post. Frequent guest on broadcasts on Italian and foreign networks, from RAI to Mediaset to Sky, from BBC to NKK to ZDF. Le Monde writes of him that he has interviewed "en tête à tête" for Telepace, a broadcaster close to the Holy See, "the protagonists of history at the turn of the millennium, from Mother Teresa to Mandela, from Gorbachev to Kohl, from Havel to Walesa, from Rabin to Arafat, from Peres to Agnelli to the Presidents of the Italian Republic." Extraordinary Professor of Vatican Geopolitics (first subject in the world with that designation) at Link University. Interviewed by various relevant international publications, such as El País and Mainichi Shimbun.

He gave seminars, lectures, reports for the universities of Cagliari, Pavia, Reggio Calabria, Teramo, Turin, Tor Vergata, at the Ministry of the Interior's Police Force Training School, the Limes School, the Milan Stock Exchange, the Cisl Study Center and the Italian Society for International Organization. He wrote for Milano Finanza an article titled “Economia di Francesco”,m which was featured in the special issue for the 35th anniversary of the newspaper, distributed at La Scala First on December 7, 2021. On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he conceived and edited on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of John Paul II's pontificate the cycle of conferences of Italian Vaticanists in 40 cities around the world, inaugurated in Krakow (May 12, 2003) and Buenos Aires (June 7, 2003) in the presence of Cardinals Ratzinger and Bergoglio.

Founder of the Limes Club Oltretevere, he moderated various presentations of the magazine's volumes, bringing together at the highest representative levels exponents of the Church (cardinals and bishops) and institutions (Presidents of Chambers, Ministers). Coordinator of the events of the Institute of European Studies in Turin and the National Microcredit Board: in this capacity he promoted in the Senate, the Chamber, the Bank of Italy and CNEL, Confindustria and ABI a series of meetings on the economic and social thought of the Pope, in the presence of leaders of business organizations and trade unions, bankers and CEOs of companies.

He developed and hosted major television events for Rai (at the Paul VI Hall, on October 27, 1995, in the presence of John Paul II, and in connection with Wojtyla's birthplace, an event recalled with emotion by the Pope himself in the opening of the book “Dono e mistero”; fOn May 20, 1998, he hosted in Moscow the historic transmission in which the Red Army performed "Our Father" on Red Square) and Mediaset (in the Paul VI Hall, on Sept. 5, 1998, the commemorative evening "Una Madre di nome Teresa," with the last interview of the Saint, which he had made a year earlier).

He authored the text in latin of the hymn Mater Iubilaei, performed by Tosca and well-known all over the world.

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