Positive Action Plan

This document represents the first Positive Action Plan drawn up by Link Campus University. The document is developed on the basis of the data collected in the Gender Balance Sheet (BdG) and in compliance with the documents of the Three-Year Strategic Planning and University Policies and Programming of the Educational Offer 2021- 2023.

The three-year Positive Action Plan is divided into two main lines of action, both inspired by the criterion of sustainability and aimed at enhancing the development of actions previously undertaken in a fruitful manner. These criteria also seemed equally suitable for the preparation and implementation of actions or measures to promote organisational and social well-being.

The criteria used in the preparation of the document are to be identified in the following areas:

• Making the work of both employees and professors effective by revising and implementing new communication flows as well as by training and updating everyone on short-, medium- and long-term processes and orientations;

• The development of the active and integrated participation of all the members of the staff of the university, their representatives as well as the academic bodies concerned in various ways. 


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