GreenLINK – Ideas for a sustainable and shared mobility within the reach of an app!

01st June 2023

Mobility represents one of the key elements for the sustainable development of the environment and a better quality of life in cities and rural areas. At urban level, there is a wide range of shared and green solutions; but how to promote their use among people? A first step could be creating services and interactive systems within the local communities that will be able to produce a good impact on them.

With this in mind, the Human-Computer Interaction laboratory (Prof. Volpi) has launched the challenge to the students of the degree course in Innovative Technologies for Digital Communication (L-20) to design a sharing mobility application for the LINK University. Starting from the main theoretical and practical foundations for the design of effective and usable interactive systems, the students carried out research and met with an industry professional. During the lessons, a small research team (Abubakar Dala, Silvia Di Rocco, Jacopo Piccinelli) was set up which, following the main phases of the User-Centered Design cycle, carried out analysis, ideation, prototyping and validation activities to satisfy the market demands of the client, City Rent, a partner company of the university, and the needs of the university itself.

City Rent is a consultancy firm specialized in sustainable mobility, with the ambition of facilitating the ecological transition by supporting companies and individuals in choosing the best solutions offered by the market for their travel or for their business. The firm studies intelligent home-work-home commuting programs for employees, providing tools to mobility managers for CO2 impact reduction goals.

The final result was presented during the last lesson of the laboratory in front of an audience of internal university experts and Stefano Stefanelli, CEO of City Rent, as client/consultant of the digital and business solution for sustainable mobility designed by the students.

Following the GreenLINK presentation:GreenLink Pitch HCI Lab