Evaluation Board

The Evaluation Board was appointed by the Board of Directors on 18 July 2018, and has been in charge since 25 September 2018, by regular communication (n. 692/2018).Said Evaluation Board, replaces the previous Evaluation Board appointed on 4 May 2015, comprised of the following members: Prof. Massimo Castagnaro, President; Prof.ssa Flaminia Musella, member; Prof. Pasquale Stanzione, member; Prof. Vincenzo Tucci,  member.
The previous Evaluation Board stopped every activity upon the appointment of the current Evaluation Board.
The Evaluation Board, pursuant to art. 14 of the Statute, is the government body responsible for the evaluation of the activities related to didactics, research and administration. The Evaluation Board shall carry out the functions provided for in the national legislation, as well as in the Statute and in the Academic Regulations.

In particular, the Evaluation Board:
a. promotes the measures, the tools and the investigations aimed at the evaluation of the services related to didactics, research, and administration; 
b.attends to the predisposition of data and information which may be useful to the government bodies;
c. provides the government bodies with opinions related to the matters within its competence;
d. carries out all the formalities required by the Ministry of Education, University and Research; and the ANVUR (Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes).

Furthermore, the Evaluation Board - in implementation of the guidelines provided by the ANVUR (document issued on 9 January 2013), as well as by Ministerial Decree n.47 (issued on 30 January 2013) in terms of self-assessment, evaluation and accreditation of the university system - shall implement the following activities:
a. evaluating the overall effectiveness of the quality assurance in didactics and research departments;
b. monitoring the effectiveness  of the activities carried out by the Quality Assurance Board;
c. ensuring the correct supervision of all the activities carried out within the organizational bodies of the University (Departments, Courses of Study, Schools, etc.);
d. ensuring the persistence of the quantitative and qualitative requirement for the accreditation of the Courses of Study and the branches of the University;
e. ensuring the application of the provisions issued by the Quality Committee and the Joint Teachers-Students Committee;
f. verifying that the Review Reports on the training activities are correctly drafted, so as to employ them for the purpose of identifying and removing any criticality;
g. formulating recommendations aimed at improving the quality of the didactic and research activity;
h. providing an opinion on the manuals published by Eurilink University Press, the publishing house of reference for Link Campus University.


Composition fo the Evaluation Board:

  • Prof. Massimo Castagnaro, President;
  • Dott.ssa Silvia Cristofori, Member;
  • Dott.ssa Flaminia Musella, Member;
  • Prof. Emilio Greco, Member;
  • Prof. Vincenzo Tucci, Member.