"PA 110 e Lode": Link Campus University is taking action for the education of the Public Administration Employees

The Department of Public Function of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Link Campus University have recently signed an important institutional partnership as part of the “PA 110 e lode” initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Public Administration and the Ministry of Universities and Research. Said agreement will allow all public employees to benefit from an incentive for access to university education (Bachelor, Specialist and Master's Degree Courses).
In compliance with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), the training of public employees will be especially focused on reskilling (the acquisition of new skills useful for meeting the new challenges of the Public Administration), and upskilling (the expansion and specialization of knowledge and skills that are already part of the candidates'professional background).

Purposes of the protocol

The purpose of this implementing agreement is to identify the courses of study to be activated starting from the academic year 2021-2022 and the procedures to ensure the enrollment of staff working in public administrations.

Degree courses

Link Campus University activates, among the courses of study identified beginning with the current academic year 2021-2022 the following I and II level Degree Courses:

  • DAMS - Audiovisual and theatrical production. Disciplines of arts, music and entertainment (L3);
  • Innovative Technologies for Digital Communication (L20);
  • International Business Administration (L18);
  • Safety Science (L/DS);
  • Political Science and International Relations (L36);
  • Business Management (LM77);
  • Labour Consultancy and Human Resources Management (LM56);
  • Strategic Studies and Diplomatic Sciences (LM52/62);
  • Language and Communication Technologies (LM59);
  • Law (LMG01).

1st Level Academic Masters

  • Cybersecurity;
  • MBA in Sports Law and Management;
  • Psychology of Change;
  • Service Innovation & Digital Transformation;
  • Smart Public Administration.

2nd Level Academic Masters

  • Anti-corruption and public procurement;
  • Cultural Heritage Management;
  • Intelligence and Security;
  • Intelligence Specialist;
  • MBA - Master in Business Administration;
  • Active Policies for the Management of Human Resources;
  • European Project Planning and Management 2021-2027. Next Generation Italia;
  • Environmental Safety: innovative technologies, drones and geomatics for the protection of the environment and the territory.

Higher Education Courses

  • Cybersecurity;
  • Agente Sportivo;
  • Bodyguard.

Admission requirements for Bachelor's and Master's Degrees, Academic Masters and Higher Education courses

In order to be admitted to a Bachelor's Degree, a Master's Degree, an Academic Master, or a Higher Education course, it is necessary to be in possession of the admission requirements provided for by Link Campus University and by the current legislation on the subject.
All students who have diplomas issued by four-year institutions of higher secondary education where the integrative year was not active may also be admitted. In this case, even as an exception to the regulations in force at the University, the students will have to fulfill additional educational obligations specifically tailored to their case.
The maximum number of civil servants who may be admitted to study courses is determined so as to comply with a series of criteria of sustainability.
Admission is also allowed to all students who have diplomas issued by four-year institutions of higher secondary education where the additional year was not active. In this case, even as an exception to the current regulations of the University, the students will have to fulfill additional educational obligations specifically tailored to their case.
The educational pathways indicated do not provide for selective entrance tests nor are they limited in number.
The maximum number of civil servants who can be admitted to the Courses of study mentioned in article 2 is determined so as to comply with a series of criteria of sustainability.


Attendance to the frontal lessons of the courses of study mentioned in art. 2 is not compulsory.
Teaching is provided in presence and at the same time at a distance in synchronous mode (through videoconference platforms), as well as at a distance in asynchronous mode (through the provision of pre-registered lectures).
The final exams will be carried out exclusively in presence.The possible propedeuticity between profit exams indicated in the didactic regulations of the courses mentioned in art. 2 are not appliable.

Registration fee

As an exception to the University Regulations, the amount of the single all-inclusive contribution to be paid by the students working as civil servants will equal to 67% of the tuition fee in force, regardless of the Isee value.
In addition to the contribution established by the University, all students are required to pay the regional tax, a tax imposed by the Lazio Region. The amount of the regional tax for the academic year 2021-2022 and/or 2022-2023 is 140.00 euro. The above mentioned amounts must be integrated with a stamp duty of 16 euros as well as secretarial fees, if required.
Public employees enrolled in the courses of study provided for in article 2 who benefit from the single all-inclusive contribution of a fixed amount referred to in this article may not request either the reimbursement of enrollment fees following the possible receipt of a scholarship, or the benefit of a reduction based on their Isee 2021 for the right to university study.Public employees enrolled in the courses of study provided for in Article 2 shall benefit from the single all-inclusive contribution of a fixed amount referred to in this article for enrolment in subsequent years if they earn at least half of the CFUs required for each year of the course and for a maximum number of years equal to the legal duration of the course plus two.

Registration details

All civil servant wishing to enroll into one of the courses referred to in art. 2 will be required to follow the instructions provided for in the dedicated web portal.
The payment of the tuition fee should be made according to the methods described on the dedicated web portal.
Payments made using methods other than those indicated are not permitted.
Enrolment deadlines
The deadline for enrolment is February 28th of each year.
For late payments there is a surcharge of 250 euros which doubles in case of delay of more than 60 natural and consecutive days.
Publication of the list of candidates 
The University agrees to notify the Department of Public Works, within three months of the enrollment deadline, of the list of matriculated students who selected "Public Employee" status during the enrollment procedure. The aforementioned lists will indicate the name, surname, tax code, the matriculation number assigned by Link Campus University, the course of study of I and II level, the master of I and II level, the training course and higher education and the public administration to which the candidate belongs.
The Department of Civil Service within the next three months communicates to Link Campus University the outcome of the findings on the actual status of public employee of each student.

Charges borne by the Civil Service Department

In order to encourage the widest possible participation in first- and second-level university courses, in first- and second-level master's degrees and in the training and advanced training courses provided for in Article 3, with a view to developing the skills of public administration employees, the Civil Service Department may provide, at the end of each academic year, for the reimbursement of part of the enrolment fee paid by each enrolled public employee, only if the criteria laid down are met.
The eventual reimbursement quota to be borne by the Department of the Civil Service will be defined by the Department itself with its own subsequent provision; the modalities of disbursement of the reimbursement, through the University, will be defined with the latter with a subsequent provision.
The Department of the Civil Service provides the University with a contribution for the implementation of this Agreement, to be quantified also in relation to the number of public employees who access the training offer, in compensation for general costs of an organizational, logistical and instrumental nature, defined with its own subsequent measure. Said contribution shall be paid into the bank account indicated by the University.

Course abbreviation and part-time

It is possible to obtain a course abbreviation at the time of matriculation, for all students who already have attained a degree in Italy/abroad, or have interrupted their academic career.
It is possible to agree, at the time of enrolment or during the following years of enrolment, on a course of study with a number of credits varying between 18 and 45 credits instead of the 60 credits/year normally requested (so-called part-time), in order to avoid going off course.
The students who obtain authorization to the part-time regime are entitled to a reduction in their registration contributions, to the extent indicated in the following scheme:

  • first and second year of part-time: 90% of the registration contributions due;
  • third year of part-time work: 80% of the enrolment contributions due;
  • subsequent years of part-time work: 60% of the registration contributions due.

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