The tutoring service represents an orientation activity aimed at accompanying the student from the moment of entry and throughout their studies.

The University activated 4 different tutoring models:

  • Orientation and soft-skill aimed tutoring, carried out by the Education Coordinator, which assists the student in the phases of reception, integration into the university life, monitoring of the learning pathway and motivation (always with reference to the planned results), support for the completion of bureaucratic procedures, the latter in collaboration with the student administration office; 
  • Tutoring and international orientation, carried out by the International Office, offers personalised assistance to both international students enrolled in the school and Erasmus students;
  • Didactic tutoring, entrusted to didactic support figures (teaching assistants, doctoral students, holders of supplementary teaching contracts, etc.), who support the student with supplementary teaching activities for specific subjects;
  • Specialized tutoring, carried out by a Teaching Coordinator for Inclusion, for students with disabilities or specific learning disorders (DSA) and special educational needs (BES), aimed at reducing the obstacles that might prevent their full integration in the academic environment.