Programma ERASMUS ed Extra ERASMUS

What is it?

The Learning Agreement is an official Erasmus document, which is issued to most students taking part in the programme. The purpose is to record your provisional module choices on there and have them approved and signed by Erasmus contact in your home university and at the Link Campus University.

You can find f the Learning Agreement issues to its “incoming Erasmus students” below:


Download the Learning Agreement application form


When do I have to complete this document?

The incoming students to complete and send it to the Link Campus University Erasmus office, before they arrive in Rome. How do I complete it?

Please see the courses on our website page and write your provisional module choices on the Learning Agreement.

You can then pass it to your Coordinator in your home university for approval.


Some Important Notes on Learning Agreements

  • The Learning Agreement is a confirmation of your provisional module choices. It does NOT guarantee that you will be allowed to sign up for all your chosen courses when you arrive
  • The Learning Agreement must always be signed by the departmental Erasmus Coordinator (i.e. the academic contact) before it is counter-signed by the Institutional Coordinator

I haven’t been asked to complete a Learning Agreement!

Don’t worry. You may not have to.

Please check with your Erasmus Coordinator in your home university if you are not sure.


I have been asked to get the Learning Agreement signed when I arrive in Rome

This is also fine.

Please note though that our Student Erasmus Office signs on behalf of the Institutional Coordinator.