Francesco Giacinto Lavacca

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Università degli studi Link Campus University - Roma

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FRANCESCO GIACINTO LAVACCA received the Laurea (M.Sc.) (cum laude) degree in electronic engineering in 2013 and the Ph.D. degree In Information Techonology in 2017 from the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). He has been a Researcher (RTDA) at the DIET Dipartment in Sapienza, where he started his postdoctoral research activities. He was involved in the framework of national and international projects, like AAA (Advanced Avionic Architecture), NMLV (Nano Micro Lanch Vehicle), Next Generation Launch Vehicle Communication System (NGLVCS), HydRON, PANTSAT and DINOS5G funded by ASI (Italian Space
Agency) and ESA (European Space Agency). 

He is currently an Associate Professor at Link Campus University. His current research interests are in the fields of all-optical networks and switching architectures, 5G networks planning and design, Network Function Virtualization, Time-Triggered and Deterministic Ethernet.

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