Cybersecurity - VIII edition

I level
1 year
Alternate weekends (Friday: 14:15/18:00 and Saturday: 09:30/13:15 – 14:15/18:00)

8-9 september 2023

The Master is an Academic Partner of:


Fortinet Security Academy

Palo Alto Networks


Throughout the last five years the demand for cybersecurity professionals has grown dramatically: organisations, governments, companies and institutions have realised the level of risk to their integrity, just as society - swirling with new technologies - fears the risks of disinformation and possible influences on democracy.

A complete training in the subject of Cybersecurity must provide technical competencies, as well as capacity for predictive assessment of future risks.

The Master in Cybersecurity offers an innovative training course. It analyses, deepens and studies the cyber dimension in its main projections: technical, human and social, political and security-related.

The learning pathway provides theoretical and practical tools essential to meet the challenges that come from a dimension that now globally pervades every human, social, institutional and economic space.

The purpose of this course is to provide the candidates with:

  • mastery of the fundamentals of computer security
  • ability to assess risk
  • competence in developing risk management strategies and policies
  • ability to design secure information systems to manage and prevent threats to PA and enterprise systems
  • learning the main techniques for responding to cyber attacks.
  • national and international regulatory-legal and disciplinary knowledge
  • ability to analyse cyber dimensions and repercussions in the geopolitical, global-economic, diplomatic and military spheres
  • expertise in cybercrime, brand reputation and fraud
  • forensic, investigative and attribution knowledge
  • specialisation in Cyber Intelligence and Counter Espionage.

Upon completion of the learning pathway, the candidates will be able to:

  • know the basics of computer security
  • assess best practices for protecting an organisation's critical information and assets
  • master risk management strategies
  • assess the technology used to support cybersecurity objectives within public and private companies and institutions
  • develop cybersecurity strategies and policies
  • understand how humans interact with technology and online environments and detect risk factors
  • ensure the security of the corporate IT infrastructure
  • define appropriate security policies
  • move knowing the political, economic and social scenarios involved
  • use Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Counter Intelligence tools

Target students and career opportunities

Target students:

  • Graduate students in possession of a Bachelor's Degree, a Specialist Degree, a Master's Degree and/or an Old System Degree
  • Officials and managers of the Public Administration
  • Members of the military, security and police forces
  • Technicians 4.0
  • Embassy officials
  • Technical and scientific consultants in the public and private sector
  • Staff of IT companies
  • Lawyers and practitioners in law firms
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Security Managers

The areas of employment in combination with previous qualifications are numerous and include jobs in public and private companies, public administration and security and defence bodies.

Career opportunities:

  • Cybersecurity Manager
  • Cybersecurity Expert
  • Security Specialist
  • Legal Consultant in Cybersecurity

Therefore, the career opportunities cover various aspects, and the candidates will benefit from practical and applied teaching by leading figures working in critical areas, both nationally and internationally.


The candidates of the Master must be in possession of a Bachelor's Degree (minimum requirement for the admission to the Master) or Specialist Degree, Master's Degree and/or "old system" Degree attained at an italian University or an equivalent institution. 

The candidates in possession of an academic title obtained abroad must be in possession of the declaration of value of the aforementioned qualification, issued by the competent Italian diplomatic or consular representatives of the country in which they obtained the qualification.



The annual tuition, without tax benefits, for the registration to the Master is € 10.000



Students wishing to enrol may request an appointment with the Guidance Office by calling +39 06 3400 6250.


Internal Faculty

The Internal Faculty is comprised of more than 70% professors with over-five-years professional experience on the subject matter.


Scientific Director

Expert in behavioural sciences and technologies applied to intelligence and cybersecurity.

University lecturer with extensive experience in teaching, planning and coordinating academic programmes, as well as in research activities and international projects, former member of the Academic Senate and director of the research department. Currently a member of the Board of Directors of Leonardo SPA, a leading industry in the space, defence and cybersecurity sectors. Director of University Masters in Cybersecurity and Intelligence since 2015. 
Author, advisor, consultant and speaker. 



in forza a

and other authoritative professionals and experts 

National & International Guest lecturers 

Esperti appartenenti alla FFPP e Istituzioni Pubbliche Experts afferent to Police Corps and Public Institutions

Cybersecurity Enterprises' testimonials and hands on

  • Information Security Basics
  • Attack Analysis
  • Cybersecurity Management
  • Cryptography and crypto analysis
  • Cyberlaw
  • Cybercrime
  • Digital Forensics
  • Cyber National Security and Cyberspace
  • Global Security and Cyber World Policies
  • Cyberdefense
  • Cyberwarfare
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Cyber Espionage
  • Cyber Psychology
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Social Engineering
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Practice activities at the Cyber Range - Cyber Attack and Defence simulation
  • Visit to Leonardo SOC (Security Operation Centre), Chieti

Each candidate of Master's Degree is required to prepare a professional training Project Work consistent with the topics covered by the course. 

Said Project Work is an integral part of the Master's teaching activity, and is subject to assessment, providing 15 university training credits (CFU). 

The aim of the final project is to submit one or more innovative and/or improving solutions through an in-depth study of context variables, processes and application models. The project may involve either the innovation of an activity, or the setting up or changing of an organisational structure, or even the improvement of a new operational procedure or the development of a new process. The PW can be individual or group: in the latter case, the individual contribution will be subject to specific evaluation.


The candidates will be required to take a final test at the end of each Unit. The grade attained for each test (expressed in thirtieths) will be an integral part of the final grade of the Master.

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