Culture: Valorization, Technology, Finance - VI edition

II Level
1 Year


The re-organization of the MiBACT draws attention to the necessity of providing the candidates with all-round managing competencies. In fact, on the one hand Italy excels in the protection and preservation of cultural heritage, on the other hand shows considerable difficulty in adapting to the demands of the contemporary "culture market."

In this regard, the aim of the Master is to provide museum curators, administrators and operators with strategic competencies in the valorization of cultural places, through communication and marketing, the use of new technologies, and the activation of relationships and synergies with cultural entities and institutions in the area.

The aforementioned programme contributes proactively to the identitary spirit of our local community by encouraging the development of managerial skills required within the area of tourism such as the ability to attract economic resources, manage and invest them wisely, creating innovation and value, a providing a strong combination of themes related to Art, History and Modernity.



Applicants to the Master in Anti-corruption must have attained a Specialist Degree, a Master's Degree, and/or a Degree of the Old System, obtained at a University of the Italian Republic; as well as another equivalent Higher Institute, or a degree attained at an International University, provided that said Degree Title is legally recognized in Italy.

All the aforementioned requirements must be demonstrated within the deadlines provided in the Academic Regulations, under penalty of non-admission to the Master's selection test.



Students who wish to enroll may request an appointment with the Orientation Office, at the following number +39 06 94802282.

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