Cybersecurity - VII edition

I level
1 year
alternate weekends (Friday: 14:15/18:00 and Saturday 09:30/13:15 – 14:15/18:00)

Spring 2022

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The aim of the Master in Cybersecurity is to provide an innovative learning pathway which will analyze and study the cyber dimension in all its declinations: technical, human and social, political and security. The learning pathway provides a variety of theoretical and practical skills which will prove to be indispensable to face the challenges posed by the cyber dimension.
The objective of the learning pathway is to provide the students with the following knowledge and skills: principles of cyber security, ability to evaluate risk, development of risk-related strategies and policies, ability to create safe information system, manage and prevent threats to information systems of PA/private businesses, the main tactics, techniques and procedures for the management of cyber attacks. Furthermore, the students will acquire national and international legal and regulatory notions; the ability to analyze cyber dimensions and spillovers in the geopolitical, global-economic, diplomatic and military spheres; knowledge and expertise in cybercrime, brand reputation and fraud - growing and relevantly impactful phenomena - and thus forensic, investigative and attribution skills. specialize the trainees in CyberIntelligence and Counterespionage.

Upon completion of the learning pathway, the students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge in cyber security
  • Evaluate the best practices to protect informations and critical resources
  • Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of strategies and risk management
  • Evaluate the technology used to support cybersecurity objectives within public and private companies and institutions
  • Develop cybersecurity strategies and policies
  • Understand thoroughly how humans interact with technology and in online environments and detect all the related risk factors
  • Understand how to ensure the security of corporate IT infrastructure
  • Define appropriate security policies
  • Understand the political - economic and social scenarios involved
  • Understand how to use cyber intelligence and cyber counter intelligence tools

Target Students and Career opportunities

Target Students:

  • Candidates in possession of a Bachelor's or Specialist Degree and/or a Degree of the Old System
    Managers of the Public Administrations
  • Members of the military apparatus, security specialists and members of the Police Force
  • Technicians 4.0
  • Embassy Officials
  • Scientific and technical consultants in the public and private sectors
  • Staff of IT companies
  • Lawyers and law firm staff
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Security Managers
  • The aforementioned areas of employment in combination with the previously mentioned degrees are numerous and include jobs in public and private companies, public administration, and security and defense bodies

Career Opportunities:

  • Cybersecurity Manager
  • Cybersecurity Expert
  • Security Specialist
  • Legal Consultant in Cybersecurity


Applicants to the Master's course must have attained a Bachelor's Degree (minimum requirement for the admission to an Academic Master) or a Specialist Degree, a Master's Degree, and/or a Degree of the Old System obtained at a University of the Italian Republic or another equivalent Higher Institute, or another equivalent degree obtained at an International University, provided that said Degree Title is legally recognized in Italy. The candidates in possession of an an academic qualification obtained abroad must be in possession of the declaration of value of the qualification obtained, issued by the competent Italian diplomatic or consular representations of the country in which the qualification was obtained.

Annual Tuition

The annual tuition fee, without financial benefits, for enrolling in the Master's program is € 10.000


Students who wish to enroll may request an appointment with the Orientation Office, at the following number +39 06 94802282.

Scientific Director

Prof. Paola Giannetakis
Director of the LCU Research Department, Director of the Master in Cyber Security, Director of the Master in Intelligence Specialist

Paola Giannetakis

Corrado Giustozzi

Stefano Aterno

Stefano Mele

Luigi Martino

  • Information Security Basics
  • Attack Analysis
  • Criptography and Crypto Analysis
  • EXAM Unit 1
  • Cyberlaw
  • Cybercrime
  • Computer and Mobile Forensics
  • Cybersecurity Management
  • EXAM Unit 2
  • Cyber National Security and Cyberspace
  • Global Security and Cyber World Policies
  • Cyberdefense
  • Cyberwarfare
  • EXAM Unit 3
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Cyber Espionage
  • Cyber Psychology
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Social Engineering
  • Osint
  • EXAM Unit 4

Each candidate of the Master is required to create a Project Work related to the themes developed in the course; it is actual part of the didactic activity of the master, and corresponds to the attribution of 15 credits (CFU).

The aim of the final project is to propose one or more innovative solutions through the in-depth analysis of context variables, processes and application models. As a matter of fact, the project may relate to both the innovation of an activity and the change of an organizational structure, or rather the creation of a new operational procedure.
The PW may be individual or collaborative, in the latter case the individual contribution will be the subject of a specific evaluation.


For the Academic Year 2020/21 Link Campus University, has established the Link Switch Formula to meet the changing needs of students by offering high-level instruction and a safe learning environment. You can choose between the Smart Option, which will allow you to follow all the lessons live from your computer in live streaming modality, and the SafeClass Option, which is in presence-based modality, implemented in a mini-classes of up to 25 students. You may switch from one to the other mode at any time, according to your needs.

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