Intelligence Specialist - VI edition

II level
1 Year
Alternate Weekends (Wednesday and Saturday)

Registration is Open
Spring 2022


The aim of the 2nd level Master in Intelligence Specialist is to provide the candidates with the knowledge and skills required to compete with the difficult challenges posed by the intelligence and security sectors in the contemporary reality.
The Master in Inteligence Specialist offers a path dedicated vocational study based on the concept of engineering of information resulting from scientific, technological, behavioural, legal and investigative knowledge, for the purpose of providing the students with the tools needed to produce multifactorial response to various needs in terms of risk management, security, investigations and applied intelligence.
The knowledge acquired will be inter-disciplinary and multi-applicational. The candidates will address different current and future needs in a simulated manner whether they are related to new technologies (ICT) and their correct use and interface, or to the management of risks on a micro and macro, to threat to individuals, businesses, Public Administrations, critical infrastructures, acquiring informations and proceeding with the evaluation with the purpose of producing the correctr tools for the management of criticalities.
The contribution of the investigative, juridical, tactical, technological and psychological-behavioural disciplines will enable the students to respond holistically to the newest demands. The Master is especially useful for FFPP operators and for security and Military Corps.

Target students and career opportunities

The purpose of the Master in Intelligence Specialist is to train professional experts in the field, skilled in the analysis and the management of risks in terms of security and intelligence activity. The course is aimed at candidates already operating in the field and at candidates willing to train as analysts and experts in the field, in line with the international standards.
The Master is a highly professionalizing learning pathway, an excellent course for all the cadidates willing to work in the Italian intelligence.
Upon completion of the Master, the students may aspire to the following professions:

  • Executives and managers in Authorities and National Agencies, at the Bank of Italy, at the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, structures and/or societies controlled and/or participated by the Public Administration;
  • Officers for regional, provincial and municipal administrations;
  • Operators in strategic enterprises and crytical infrastructures, operators in the arms industry, experts in security technologies and in charge of corporate security;
  • Specialists and researchers in internal and foreign policy, diplomacy, international relations, geopolitics, strategic affairs and European studies, national security, fight against international organised crime and anti-laundering.


Applicants to the Master in Anti-corruption must have attained a Specialist Degree, a Master's Degree, and/or a Degree of the Old System, obtained at a University of the Italian Republic; as well as another equivalent Higher Institute, or a degree attained at an International University, provided that said Degree Title is legally recognized in Italy.

All the aforementioned requirements must be demonstrated within the deadlines provided in the Academic Regulations, under penalty of non-admission to the Master's selection test.

Annual Tuition

The annual tuition fee, without financial benefits, for enrolling in the Master's program is € 10.000


Students who wish to enroll may request an appointment with the Orientation Office, at the following number +39 06 94802282.

Scientific Director

Paolo Poletti

Paolo Poletti

Nicola Ferrigni

Andrea Girella

Pier Christian Verde

Roberto Marmo

Antonio Teti

  • World Economy
  • Intelligence and National Security
  • Security, Privacy and Intelligence in the technological era
  • Global complexities and changes
  • National and International Criminal Phenomenology
  • Terrorism
  • Military and Defense
  • Applied cognitive science
  • Cyber and Social Media Psychology
  • Human Intelligence
  • Radicalization and extremism
  • Medical Intelligence
  • Economic Intelligence
  • Mind Control
  • Counter-proliferation
  • Negotiation
  • Emergency And Crowd Management
  • Leadership And Conflict Management
  • Forensic Intelligence
  • Border, Aerial & Maritime Security
  • Investigative Criminal Analysis
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Investigative techniques
  • Cybercrime
  • Penitentiary Intelligence
  • Osint
  • Biometrics
  • Videosurveillance
  • Space Intelligence
  • Mobile Security And Forensics
  • Drons and Mav
  • Cybersecurity and Cyberintelligence
  • Social Network Intelligence
  • Corporate Security Management
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Economic Warfare
  • Interviewing and questioning techniques
  • Deception
  • Targeting and Countertargeting
  • Covert and Virtual Humint

Each candidate of the Master is required to create a Project Work related to the themes developed in the course.

The aim of the final project is to propose one or more innovative solutions through the in-depth analysis of context variables, processes and application models.

The PW may be individual or collaborative, in the latter case the individual contribution will be the subject of a specific evaluation.

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