Military Law

Hours: 48 
CFU: 6
START OF THE COURSE: December 2023


Educational objectives of the Course 

  • Knowledge and ability to understand: upon completion of the course, the student will acquire in-depth knowledge of the sources of military law and regulations possession of weapons by citizens, with specific reference to the provisions (criminal and administrative) laid down to protect service and discipline;
  • Use of knowledge and ability to understand: upon completion of the course, the student is able to write a judicial and extrajudicial document on military law;
  • Ability to draw conclusions: starting from a concrete case, the participant is able to identify the relevant provisions and express an opinion about the applicable discipline and possible future actions;
  • Communication skills: the participant has mastered the technical language of law;
  • Ability to learn: the learner is able, independently, to investigate issues not dealt with during the course, through recourse to regulatory sources, case law and doctrine.

Target students

  • Students of law and security science degree courses;
  • Lawyers/practitioners;
  • Military personnel.

Professors (total hours)

SAVERIO SETTI (16 hours) - Scientific director of the course
MASSIMILIANO STRAMPELLI (14 hours) - Supreme Court Lawyer - Court of Rome

ANDREA CONTI (14 hours, distance learning) - Lawyer - Court of Milan, Research Doctor
SEBASTIANO LA PISCOPIA (4 hours) - Professor


Title of the module SSD Professor
Sources of military law  IUS/10 Saverio Setti
The legal status of servicemen and advancement IUS/10 Saverio Setti
Military Discipline IUS/10 Saverio Setti
Body and state disciplinary proceedings and sanctions IUS/10 Saverio Setti
General Theory of Military Offences IUS/17 Andrea Conti (Distance Learning)
Special part offenses of the Military Criminal Code of Peace IUS/17 Massimiliano Strampelli
Military Criminal Procedure Code IUS/16 Andrea Conti (Distance Learning)
Difensive strategies in the military criminal proceedings IUS/16 Massimiliano Strampelli
Military Union Trade Law IUS/10 Andrea Conti (Distance Learning)
Labor Negotiation Strategies IUS/10 Massimiliano Strampelli
Military Social Security Rights IUS/10 Andrea Conti (Distance Learning)/Saverio Setti
Iinternational Military Law IUS/13 Saverio Setti/Sebastiano La Piscopia



Differentiated according to the qualification of the student: 

  • Law and Security Sciences student: essay and possible oral interview
  • Lawyer: multiple choice test
  • Military: oral interview

IThe course may be object of:

  • matricular transcript, by military personnel;
  • recognition for the purpose of the continuous professional training of lawyers (the course is in the process of being accredited by the National Bar Council)
  • evaluation for the purpose of inclusion on the list of public defenders for military proceedings, for the purpose of advocacy before Disciplinary Boards and the established Conciliation Boards;
  • evaluation, by each Armed Force, of the fulfilment of the training obligations on "elements of labour law and trade union law in the military field", referred to in Article 15 of Law no. 46 of 28 April 2022;
  • evaluation for the purposes of career shortening in university courses.


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