Environmental Safety: innovative technologies, drones and geomatics for the protection of the environment and the territory - VI edition

II level
1 Year
Alternate Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
Blended (50% in presence e 50% on the online platform)

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October 2022

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Selective procedure Master Executive INPS 2021-2022



The Master is the result of the Link Campus University's experience in the field of environmental safety, declined and completed through the analysis of various scenarios of technological innovation. Nowadays, the cultural, scientific and technical infrastructure employed for environmental action cannot stray from the strong bond registered between the "green" and "digital" domain.

We can stand by and watch the ongoing change or be a conscious protagonist of it: this Master's degree can open the doors of knowledge to make this cultural leap.

The Master is articulated in didactic modules designed to provide knowledge on the best scientific and technical knowledge in the IT sector (even 5th generation) for evironmental purposes such as geographic data; aerophotogrammetric surveys, environmental monitoring and diagnostics; creation of digital terrain models, from 2D and 3D cartography to B.I.M. (Building information modelling), sectors in which Link Campus University offers a specific compency deriving from the Geo-SAPR Research Centre (Geomatics and  Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) active for several years, thanks to which the University has achieved recognition as the first Italian university center authorized by Enac to issue qualifications for drone piloting.

Target Students and Career Opportunities

The aim of the Master is to provide graduate students (engineers, biologists, agronomists, geologists, graduates in forestry, computer technicians, graduates in law) and experts in the field (legal studies specialized in evironmental protection, engineers, CTU experts, Journalists specialized in the environmental field) with a unique opportunity for professional and cultural growth.

Furthermore, the Master provides a great opportunity for the training of executives and directors of societies providing services to the Public Administrations such as: waste management, decontamination, electro-magnetic pollution (5G), wastewater treatment, purifiers. The course even provides the competencies required to professionally support the Civil Society in addressing challenges related to security and environmental health, as well as a complete vision of the tools required for the programmation and environmental protection.

The University intends to stay up to date with the national and European legislation at all times. Hence, in the light of the present and future regulatory developments (ENAC, UE), we have upgraded the learning pathway of the Master for the purpose of providing for the training required to pass the test on the portal ENAC(fully operational as of 1 July 2020) for the attainment of the pilot's licence A1/A3 and at the same time to provide all the additional operational skills in the use of the APRs and ENVIRONMENTAL SENSORS, essential professional tools for activities environmental protection and safety monitoring activities.

For these reasons, the master incorporates a theoretical learning pathway aimed at the attainment of the basic qualification for pilots of remotely piloted aircraft systems, enabling the candidates to take the "Certificate of completion of the online training" for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) Pilotes A1-A3, issued upon succssful completion of an online exam provided in the ENAC portal.

With said competencies, the "UAV Pilot" may carry out use activities in non-critical operations, intended as low-level aeronautics operations (ex. protected areas, parks and reservations, rural, forestal and mountain areas, etc.).


Applicants to the Master in Anti-corruption must have attained a Specialist Degree, a Master's Degree, and/or a Degree of the Old System, obtained at a University of the Italian Republic; as well as another equivalent Higher Institute, or a degree attained at an International University, provided that said Degree Title is legally recognized in Italy.

All the aforementioned requirements must be demonstrated within the deadlines provided in the Academic Regulations, under penalty of non-admission to the Master's selection test.

Annual Tuition

The annual tuition fee, without financial benefits, for enrolling in the Master's program is € 10.000


Students who wish to enroll may request an appointment with the Orientation Office, at the following number +39 06 94802282.

Scientific Director

Marco Di Fonzo
Expert in technological innovation for the safeguard of the Environment and, as of 2015, member of the register of experts in the field of technological innovation established by the Ministry of Economic Development. Scientific Director of the "Centro di Ricerca “Geomatica e S.A.P.R.” at Link Campus University. He was appointed President of "Italia nostra Roma onlus" on January 2016. Member of the Italian Academy of Forest Science. Commander of the Wildlife Fire Investigation Unit of the State Forestry Corps (2011-2016). Coordinator of the Verification and Testing Commission of the National Information System from 2010 to 2015. President of the "Appia Antica" Regional Park from 2004 to 2006.

Marco Di Fonzo

Emanuele Montini

Stefano Coltellacci

Renzo Carlucci

Francesco Macrì

Daniele Baldi

Valentina Vattani

  • Relevant European Legislation 
  • National legislation for the Protection of the Environment
  • International Conventions on Environment and Forests
  • Community Law on Environment and Forests
  • 2030 Agenda
  • Environmental Certifications
  • Sustainable Well-Being
  • Green Information

  • Geodesy - shape of the earth
  • Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou)
  • Basics of aerophotogrammetry and remote sensing
  • Geographic information systems and spatial data analysis
  • Theory and technique of Satellite Remote Sensing

  • In-depth information on general and special legislation for SAPR
  • Organization of an Operator
  • Specialized critical and non-critical operation: operational scenarios
  • Analysis and management of operational scenarios

  • Climate change and forest fires
  • Communicating environmental emergency. Climate changes between reality and fake news, how to identify the sources
  • Geospatial analysis and statistics on the phenomenon of forest firesin Italy, Europe and in the world
  • Social-economic correlation to the phenomenon of forest fires in the world
  • Social-economic correlation to the phenomenon of forest fires in Italy
  • The italian system of prevention, active struggle and repression of the forest fires
  • The Evolutionary Phases of forest fires
  • The Parameters characterizing forest fires
  • The many forms of "Forest Fires"

  • Geo-Spatial Intelligence
  • Geo-Spatial Intelligence and Social Media
  • Open Source and Social Intelligence
  • Strategies of implementation of an environmental monitoring network.
  • Basics of  scientific evidence of spatial surveys
  • Geospatial surveys for inspection activities

  • General discipline established in the 4th part of D.Lgs. n. 152/06
  • The notion of "waste" and "non-waste" (by-product and end of waste status) 
  • Waste classification and CER codes
  • The waste producer: burdens and responsibilities
  • The temporary deposit of wastes
  • The transportation of wastes as a vital point in the wastes management system
  • The basic principle behind the prohibition of unauthorized waste disposal and uncontrolled waste disposal
  • The work of the extraordinary commissioner for the remediation of illegal landfills
  • Remote sensing techiques in the illicit traffic of wastes
  • Operational Case Study: The "Land of Fires" in Campania
  • The European System "copernicus"
  • The Italian spatial and spectral high-resolution satellite "Prisma".
  • Exercises om the Open Source platforms of the Sentinel satellites
  • The revolution of the Cube-sat satellites
  • The assets of the dual use satellites of the Italian Defense system - La costellazione-cosmo SKy -Med

  • The European System "copernicus"
  • The Italian spatial and spectral high-resolution satellite "Prisma".
  • Exercises om the Open Source platforms of the Sentinel satellites
  • Exercises on qgis for the use of satellite images
  • The revolution of the Cube-sat satellites
  • The assets of the dual use satellites of the Italian Defense system - La costellazione-cosmo SKy -Med

Each candidate of the Master is required to create a Project Work related to the themes developed in the course.

The aim of the final project is to propose one or more innovative solutions through the in-depth analysis of context variables, processes and application models.

The PW may be individual or collaborative, in the latter case the individual contribution will be the subject of a specific evaluation.


For the Academic Year 2020/21 Link Campus University, has established the Link Switch Formula to meet the changing needs of students by offering high-level instruction and a safe learning environment. You can choose between the Smart Option, which will allow you to follow all the lessons live from your computer in live streaming modality, and the SafeClass Option, which is in presence-based modality, implemented in a mini-classes of up to 25 students. You may switch from one to the other mode at any time, according to your needs.

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