Service Innovation & Digital Transformation - II edition

I Level
Alternate Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

Spring 2022

INPS Scholarships


Selective procedure Master Executive INPS 2021-2022



The aim of the 1st level Master in Service Innovation & Digital Transformation is to train future professionals in the field of innovative service design, for private companies and Public Administrations.

Said professional figures are particularly relevant, as the new digital technologies are giving rise to substantial changes in service management and delivery processes, as well as in the expectations and demands commonly addressed to businesses and companies. The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and social media are all useful tools for the implementation and access to such services, but it is necessary to learn how to use them in order to structure public and private services centered on user needs, only guarantee for the achievement true innovation.

With the recent emergency related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of not relying exclusively on physical interactions with a specific service has become clear. Private companies have already begun to benefit from new digital transformation tools and processes, organized according to the needs of end users, while public administrations are still lagging behind. In general, however, most businesses need to rapidly evolve in the way they think and act in order to respond to the challenged posyd by our ever-changing society.

The aim of the Master is to train professionals capable of in public and private companies, by creating the prerequisites to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude required to be able to innovate, exploiting digital technologies to face challenges in the service sector. The course will provide the abilities required to deal with complex problems and to analyze contexts, identify possible solutions and design concrete proposals.


Target Students and Career opportunities

Upon completion of the course's programme the candidates will be able to apply their soft and design skills to a wide range of business contexts for the purpose of the management, direction and development of sustainable innovation processes. These strategic roles fall under a range of emerging careers, including:

  • Service Designer, the person responsible for the management of people, infrastructure, and communication strategies of a service with the aim of improving customer-activity interaction;
  • User Experience Designer, the person responsible for consistently and functionally organizing the interactions between the user and the service;
  • Innovation Designer, a position entailing the use of a variety of tools to support teams and organizations during processes of transition to digitization;
  • Data Project Manager, the person responsible for the definition of the tools for creating and integrating data;
  • Prospective Analyst, a person who is able to predict the future of an organization and assess the impacts of its activities;
  • New Business Model Manager, the person who identifies new business strategies and development models for the future of the organization;
  • Resilient Manager, a person who identifies new paths of transformation for an organization's core business;
  • Social Media Manager, a person who is able to effectively use different social media for communication and interaction with people;
  • Creative Technologist, a person who is able to identify digital technologies for innovation of specific processes in an organization interaction with the end customer.


Applicants to the Master's course must have attained a Bachelor's Degree (minimum requirement for the admission to an Academic Master) or a Specialist Degree, a Master's Degree, and/or a Degree of the Old System obtained at a University of the Italian Republic or another equivalent Higher Institute, or another equivalent degree obtained at an International University, provided that said Degree Title is legally recognized in Italy. The candidates in possession of an an academic qualification obtained abroad must be in possession of the declaration of value of the qualification obtained, issued by the competent Italian diplomatic or consular representations of the country in which the qualification was obtained.

Annual Tuition

The annual tuition fee, without financial benefits, for enrolling in the Master's program is € 10.000


Students who wish to enroll may request an appointment with the Orientation Office, at the following number +39 06 94802282.

Director of the Master

Lorenza Parisi, Associate Professor at Link Campus University


Massimiliano Dibitonto

Eliseo Sciarretta

Manuela Minozzi

Dario Carrera

Andrea Parente

Nicola Ferrigni

Giada Marinensi

Valentina Volpi

  • Principles of innovation
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation Economics
  • Psychology of Innovation
  • Megatrend
  • Innovation Programmes and Policies
  • Service innovation strategy
  • Processes and digital technologies for the collaboration and the involvement of organizations
  • Data analytics in service
  • Workshop: Drawing innovation scenarios
  • Service design
  • Value creation
  • Interaction design I
  • Workshop: Establishing interactions between innovative services
  • Customer & user experience
  • Interaction design II
  • Visual design
  • Workshop: Prototyping innovative services
  • Digital marketing
  • Community management
  • Social media strategy
  • Digital & interactive storytelling
  • Engagement & gamification
  • Workshop: designing and creating a marketing and communication plan

Each candidate of the Master is required to create a Project Work related to the themes developed in the course.

The aim of the final project is to propose one or more innovative solutions through the in-depth analysis of context variables, processes and application models.

The PW may be individual or collaborative, in the latter case the individual contribution will be the subject of a specific evaluation.


For the Academic Year 2020/21 Link Campus University, has established the Link Switch Formula to meet the changing needs of students by offering high-level instruction and a safe learning environment. You can choose between the Smart Option, which will allow you to follow all the lessons live from your computer in live streaming modality, and the SafeClass Option, which is in presence-based modality, implemented in a mini-classes of up to 25 students. You may switch from one to the other mode at any time, according to your needs.

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