International Career Prospects in Music and Performing Arts - II level - I edition

II Level
1 year
8 - 26 january / 5 - 25 august. From february to july, 1500 hours of in-depth didactic activities and workshops.
in presence

8 january 2024

The Master is developed in collaboration with:


Presentation of the Master

The Master in International Career Prospects in Music and Performing Arts, was designed in order to provide professional training in the field of performing arts. The learning pathway features the fundamental subjects required in order to become a professional in performing arts. The teaching staff features internationally renowned professors, leading experts in the field of performing arts. Furthermore, the Career Center will offer a valuable support in the professional career of the student and will provide support in the transition from the academic career to the labour market. In order to provide opportunities for artistic experience, the university will participate in a collaboration network featuring international agencies for artists and theatres, festivals, cultural exchange events.

Target Students and Career Opportunities

II level: Higher Education in Performing Arts. Enrichment of the candidate's musical technique and specialization in scientific subjects for the professional career

The purpose of the II Level Master in International Career Prospects in Music and Performing Arts is to offer preparatory orientation for professional artistic training aimed at young artists. The course represents a wonderful opportunity to enter the international music and arts scene, and to start a professional  and teaching career.

Teaching methods

Individual lessons for musical technique, group lessons or workshops for special art lessons (Performing Arts, Anatomy, Posture, Self-Empowerment, Ballet).

Concerts in theatres in Italy and abroad for theatre experience and career guidance.


Applicants to the Master must have attained a Specialist Degree, a Master's Degree, and/or a Degree of the Old System, obtained at a University of the Italian Republic; as well as another equivalent Higher Institute, or a degree attained at an International University, provided that said Degree Title is legally recognized in Italy.

The candidates in possession of an acamic title obtained abroad must be in possession of the declaration of value of the aforementioned qualification, issued by the competent Italian diplomatic or consular representatives of the country in which they obtained the qualification.

The requirements must be met and demonstrated by the expiration date of the call, under penalty of non-admission to the admission test for the Master.


The annual tuition, without tax benefits, for the registration to the Master is € 7.000


Students wishing to enrol may request an appointment with the Postgraduate Office by calling +390634006074 or by email at the following address:

Internal Faculty

The internal Faculty is comprised of professors with over-five-year professional experience on the subject matter.

Scientific Director


Coordinators of the Master



All theoretical lessons will take place at LINK Campus University.

Group lessons, workshops or practice activities, will take place either at the International Music Academy in Rome or at the Istituto Musicale 'R. Goitre' - Vallo della Lucania, Palazzo della cultura.