MBA in Management, Marketing & Finance

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The MBA in Management, Marketing & Finance (MMF) provides the most up-to-date skills and tools in communication, management, and finance. MMF is aiming at developing knowledge and expertises required to operate in managerial and entrepreneurial roles within companies, organizations, and institutions.

The MBA offers a learning path in which functional and sectorial knowledge are integrated according to a strong multidisciplinary approach. In this vein, the MBA aims at providing several tools for pursuing value creation within entrepreneurial and managerial processes, with a specific reference to global administration and accounting, international management control, innovation management, worldwide advanced marketing. The MBA aims finally at creating in the students a strong problem solving mindset, focusing on competitive analysis skills and fostering abilities for analyzing complex scenarios from a multidisciplinary perspective related to the overall business management domain. The MBA Programme teaching methods rely on several tools and methods for practical analysis: scenario analysis, expert communication techniques, business games, practical cases, laboratories.



  • Propose strategies in the context of domestic and international business for solving problems or taking advantage of opportunities in domestic and worldwide markets.

  • Specify the organisations, agreements, treaties, regulations that favour or hinder the operation of international business; as well as the way to take advantage of them for the benefit of the organisation's objectives.

  • Assess the impact of international business in different countries worldwide as an effect of globalisation and world trends, which require agile and efficient strategic management.

  • Appreciate the human, economic and cultural diversity present in international business that significantly affects decision-making and the challenges that organisations must face in a global market.


Course CFU
# of hours
Advanced Management Practice 5 15
Behavioral economics and complexity management 5 15
Strategic Knowledge Management and Big Data Analysis 5 15
Digital innovation and transformation management 5 15
Decision sciences: fundamentals of decision making processes 3 9
Applied Lab: Social Network Analysis 2 6
TOT 25 75


  • Design marketing plans and business models through the analysis of information, application of techniques and use of technologies, that favour the success of their implementation in national and international markets.

  • Select the tools, techniques, and methodologies, that marketing provides, to promote creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial thinking for making managerial decisions within a context of ethical and social responsibility.

  • Propose innovative communication strategies, with the use of traditional or digital media, toward the generation of value propositions for the organisation and aimed at satisfying the needs of consumers and their psychology.


Course CFU
# of hours
Advanced Marketing Management: Global Worldwide Cases 4 12
Advanced Communication Management: Techniques and Practice 4 12
Consumer Behaviour and Psychology 4 12
Digital and Social Media Marketing: theory and applications 4 12
Applied Lab: Neuromarketing 4 12
TOT 20 60


  • Design strategies through an adequate and informed application of the different investment and financing options, considering the current regulations and aimed at generating value in the organisation.

  • Propose financial models using quantitative and technological tools, which allow predicting business scenarios and carrying out the necessary analysis to support the decision-making process.

  • Evaluate the main variables that affect the financial situation and structure of an organisation that allow efficient management of financial products and services, with the use of technology and in compliance with ethical standards.


Course CFU
# of hours
Behavioral Finance: cases and applications 4 12
International Corporate and Investment Banking: global examples 4 12
Advanced Corporate Finance 4 12
Applied Lab: Neurofinance 3 9
TOT 15 45

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