Sport management and coaching

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The Master’s Program is designed to prepare the students to live and work within the sport industry by cultivating the learning environment with experienced professors and by providing experience to the learner. The program brings students from around the world to create a diverse student body that stimulates learning with different styles of comprehension. The program establishes a multicultural approach by intertwining American and Italian interdisciplinary and student-centered learning.

Program Learning Outcomes

Coaching & Methodology

  • Understanding of the team-sports methodology from the sport classification to the understanding of the different sport performance models.

  • Learning the transition from Motor Skills to Sports Skills in the Age and Sequence of Acquisition of Fundamental Motor Skill.

  • Analyzing the components fundamental motor skills (FMSs) and specific conditioning capacities (SCCs) considering the coordination and physical skills.

  • Acquiring the Basis for Training and how to plan and manage a training program.

  • Developing a deep knowledge on sport physiology, match analysis and team psychology.

  • Learning basic concepts of exercise physiology and energy metabolism, as well as nutrient requirements for a variety of physical activities including endurance, strength, speed and weight management.

  • Gaining notions about prevention and care of athletic injuries, with emphasis on qualities of a good athletic trainer, avoiding accidents and injuries, recognizing signs and symptoms of specific sports injuries and conditions, immediate and long-term care of injuries, and administration procedures in athletic training

Sports Management 

  • Understanding of national and international legal principles that govern the sport system with an emphasis of the role of the National Sport Organizations and Justice (NOC, FSN, National sport Justice system).

  • Acquiring deep knowledge on standard players contracts, sponsorship contracts, agency representation contracts and international players transfer rules,

  • Learning the principles of organization and administration of sport clubs and entities.

  • Exploring the basic concepts of financial planning budgeting and marketing to effectively manage a successful operation in the sport industry.

  • Aiming to develop, evaluate and critique entrepreneurial skills within the context of launching new products or services in the sports industry or for entrepreneurs who are looking to flourish within existing organizations.

  • Understanding the process and requirements of different types of sports events in terms of their planning, organization, management and legacy.

  • Handling press-related activities within a sports club, in particular, methods and procedures for an effective sport communication, as well as the monitoring of external communication through influencers and stakeholders.

Leadership & Performance

  • Effectively developing and applying health, physical activity, and psychological principles as they relate to human performance

  • Designing, conducting, and evaluating research that address psychological questions

  • Explain the major perspectives of sports psychology (e.g. cognitive, behavioral, sociocultural, etc.)

  • Learning how to Manage Victory and Defeat

  • Gaining and understanding of the psychological techniques used to improve performance in group classes, training programs, and sports teams.

  • Identifying biases within themselves that could influence their interactions with clients and create a plan of how to deal with these biases.

Study Plan

Fall Semester
Class Credit (CFU) Total Hours
Italian I 3 CFU 18 hours
Soccer or Sport Methodology I 6 CFU 36 hours
Entrepreneurship in Sports 5 CFU 30 hours
Sports Science 6 CFU 36 hours
Sport Management Legal & Finance 6 CFU 36 hours
Total 26 CFU 156 hours
Spring Semester
Class Credit (CFU) Total Hours
Italian II 3 CFU 18 hours
Soccer or Sport Methodology II 6 CFU 36 hours
Sports Analytics 4 CFU 24 hours
Sports Psychology 4 CFU 24 hours
Sport Management II 6 CFU 36 hours
Sports Lab 6 CFU 36 hours
Final Thesis 5 CFU
Total 29 CFU 174 hours

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