Business Management - LM77

The aim of the Master's Degree in Business Management is to train highly qualified professional able to access prominent positions in public, private and non-profit economic organizations, by supporting the top team and / or functional team (administration and finance, planning and control, strategic marketing, supply chain management and business innovation). The course provides a wide range of knowledge and skills, including techniques and methodologies of planning, implementation and organization in the area of management for key business tasks.


The students may customize their learning experience according to their interests and career ambitions, by choosing one of the following learning pathways:

  • International management and finance
  • Entrepreneurship and marketing
  • Sport business management

Method of attendance

The teaching activities are presential, but for eligible students it is also possible to participate in live streaming, interacting live with the classroom.


Link Campus University has entered into an agreement with the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Rome for the implementation of an internship period in conjunction with the training course and for exemption from the written test of the State exam for the practice of the profession of chartered accountant and accounting expert.


International management and finance

The objective of the International management and finance earning pathway is to train professionals in international finance and taxation, who are able to deal with the financial management of companies, forecasting and analyzing their financial needs and growth strategies, as well as managing the fiscal aspects of business in geographically diverse scenarios and economic systems.

The International Finance learning pathway valorizes the consolidated experience of teaching staff in the areas of finance, banking and tax law by combining frontal lessons and practical teaching with project works, business games and business simulations, carried out with the participation of internationally renowned experts in the field. The learning pathway is specifically designed to actively involve students in learning experiences in close contact with the teaching staff.

The educational offer is enriched with workshops aimed at all the sectors of international finance.


Career Opportunities

The candidates will be able to operate with entrepreneurial, advisory, professional and management functions for the definition and resolution of financing issues in the start-up and development phases of the company, within the logic of activating relations with banking and financial operators and managing aspects of taxation, from a national and international perspective.

Upon completion of the learning pathway, the students may aspire to the following positions:

    • chief financial officer
    • financial manager
    • venture capitalist
    • credit risk analyst
    • investment advisor
    • managers at banks, insurance companies and other financial intermediaries
    • trader or broker in financial markets
    • official in national (Banca d’Italia, Consob, Ivass) and international authorities and regulators (ECB, European supervisory authorities, EIB)
    • financial consultant in large consulting companies

Management, entrepreneurship and innovation

The aim of the Management, entrepreneurship and innovation learning pathway is to train marketing and management professionals capable of analyzing and predicting consumer behavior, using the most advanced brand management tools, adding value to the corporate identity in the international markets, conceiving "glocal" products, competing in geographically diversified scenarios and country-systems with the most advanced tools of contemporary marketing, such as digital and social media technologies and platforms.

The teaching methodology devised for the Management, entrepreneurship and innovation learning pathway derives from the academic, professional and research experiences of the teaching staff in the field of international marketing management and corporate brand management.

The learning pathway combines frontal and practical teaching - with workshops, project works, business games and business simulations – carried out with the participation of marketing managers from multinationals and cutting edge companies.

The training offer is especially designed to offer students a collaborative learning experience in close contact with the professors.

Career Opportunities

The graduates with a specialisation in Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation will be able to operate in the area of marketing; at consumer goods companies or communication agencies, in processes related to the relationship between business and market.

Upon completion of the learning pathway, the students may aspire to the following positions:

    • product manager
    • brand manager
    • trade and retail manager
    • supply chain manager
    • customer relationship manager
    • marketing analyst
    • communication specialist key

Sport Management and Policy

The Sports Economics and Policies pathway is one of the most unique learning experiences provided by Link University, as it combines subjects related to the sports sector with the subjects needed to train highly professional experts in the financial aspect of the world of sport.

The degree course provides essential skills required to enhance the economic and social benefits of sporting activities.

The Sports Management and Policies learning pathway combines the fundamental skills provided in an Economics degree course with the skills required for the management of sports organisations. The courses, especially designed to train highly specialised professionals, are related to the areas of management and sports law, and provide a full understanding of the peculiarities of sports organisations, both national and international, and of the governance and economic-financial management models of a constantly growing sector.

This Master's Degree Course is realized in collaboration with IDEMS, the academic research centre created to train and qualify professionals and managers in the area of sports, law and management. 

Career opportunities

Upon completion of the course, the candidates may aspire to the following positions:

  • director of national or international sports institutions
  • manager or expert for public institutions within the field of economics and sports policies
  • manager of sports associations and societies
  • manager and coordinator of sports events
  • manager of public and private sports facilities
  • manager of professional athletes

The potentiality of the course to train highly specialised professionals able to operate in such a multifaceted and constantly evolving reality is confirmed by the numerous renowned athletes who have enrolled in the course.

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