Political Science and International Relations (L36)

The Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and International Relations provides the students with historical, political, anthropological, juridical and geo-strategic knowledge, fundamental to orient and interpret the political phenomena in all facets.

Traditional didactic approaches are enriched with moments of in-depth study with experts (journalists, communicators, representatives of institutions, etc.) and participation in seminars, meetings and workshops.

Students will have the opportunity to write on several thematic blogs such as Geohub, an online space for in-depth analysis on international policy.

Method of attendance

  • Frontal lessons: frontal lessons in mini-classes of maximum 25 students, to be carried out at the Rome branch.
  • Live streaming: the students may attend to the educational activities from their own devices, regardless of their location.

The recordings of all activities implemented through the live streaming method are also available at a later date, as a complement to the student's training.

Career opportunities

The students who attain a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and International Relations may purse a career in the following areas:

  • political parties, trade unions, representative organizations, associations, foundations
  • Italian, European and international institutions
  • central and peripheral public administrations (elected assemblies, ministries, local authorities, health authorities, agencies, local health units, universities)
  • companies and cooperatives (financial, commercial, manufacturing and services)
  • Offices and study centers of territorial bodies, research bodies and international organizations
  • communication companies
  • public affairs
  • lobbying
  • journalism
  • institutional relations office at major national and international companies

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