Language and Communication Technologies - LM59

The Master's Degree Course in Language and Communication Technologies provides the students with knowledge and abilities required to design and implement innovative content, products and services for digital communication.

The students may customize the curriculum according to their interests and career ambitions by choosing one of the two specializations: Interaction design and Game development, marketing and communication.

Method of attendance

The teaching activities are presential, but for eligible students it is also possible to participate in live streaming, interacting live with the classroom.


Interaction design

The aim of the Interaction design learning pathway, provided within the fraemwork of the Communication Technologies and Languages degree program, aims to provide solid theoretical-methodological knowledge and skills within the field of communication and digital innovation, with particular reference to sociological processes and media languages; as well as fundamental knowledge and technical skills in the field of digital transformation; illustrating all its effects on communication, socio-technical processes and systems.

In particular, this curriculum focuses on the complex set of theoretical, scientific, creative and productive knowledge required for the ideation, realization, evaluation and valorization of interactive products.

The learning pathway integrates synergically technical-specialist and socio-economical subjects in order to provide an inter-disciplinary preparation.

The course will provide workshop experiences held by professionals in the field, contributing to the development of practical skills, aimed at learning techniques and methodologies. During the second semester of the second year, students are required to complete a mandatory professional internship with companies, organizations or communication agencies.

Career opportunities

SERVICE DESIGNER designs, organizes, and manages a service's human resources, as well as infrastructure, and communication strategies with the intent of improving customer-business interaction.

Similar career opportunities:

  • Interaction designer
  • Web & mobile designer
  • Digital strategist

USER EXPERIENCE DESIGNER ensures that a consumer's enjoyment of a product/service is easy, accessible and enjoyable.

Similar career opportunities:

  • Interaction designer
  • Community manager

INNOVATION MANAGER is a process facilitator, able to mediate between the technical-informatics dimension and the managerial-organizational dimension (standards, processes, system, communication, etc.).

Similar career opportunities:

  • Community manager
  • Account manager
  • Digital strategist

EXPERT IN THE FIELD OF DIGITAL INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION is a strategic figure for the modernization of PA (Public Administration) and any organization confronted with digital transition, process re-organization, dematerialization and redesign of online work systems/relationships.

Similar career opportunities:

  • Social media manager
  • Brand manager
  • Marketing specialist
  • Content specialist

Game development, marketing and communication

Realized in collaboration with VIGAMUS Academy

Programme Leader Prof. Marco Accordi Rickards

The Game development, marketing and communication learning pathway is the first and only Master's Degree Course dedicated to videogames in Italy. Its aim is to provide heterogeneous skills, dealing with both the creative dimension (the video game development sector), and the economic dimension (publishing, marketing and communication) of the video game industry.

The educational pathway provides a complete overview of the typical functional dimensions of the video game, exploring subjects ranging from the development of interactive works (game design, art direction, graphics, sound, etc..) to their promotion, communication and exploitation, up to touch specific areas such as the frontier of eSports or the distribution of the video game product (retail and digital).

The teaching staff is comprised of qualified experts active in the games industry, who will share their experience with the students in order to provide an education focused on market requirements. The learning pathway integrates frontal teaching with thematic workshops aimed at experiencing the realities of the world of development studios and major publishers, as well as the challenges of a constantly changing system. During the second semester of the second year, students must carry out a mandatory professional internship in companies, organizations, or communication agencies.

Career opportunities 

Game developer

The professional figure in charge of the development activity of an interactive work, either within a team, at outsourcing companies or as a freelancer.

Communications Operator

This is a professional figure capable of managing the corporate storytelling of a video game company and effectively communicating with the various press contacts of the companies in the sector (from indie studios to the triple A majors).

Publishing/marketing operator

This sector employs many professionals involved at various levels in the process of contracting, publishing, selling, distributing and promoting video game products of all kinds and in all formats (home console, personal computer, mobile).

Event manager 

This professional figure deals with the conception and implementation of national and international events related to the production and publication of video games, both in presence and online.

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