Safety Science (L/DS)

Programme leader: Prof. Francesco Paolo Tronca


The purpose of the Bachelor's Degree Course in Safety Science is to train professionals able to interpret the complexity of a reality increasingly accelerated by economic, technological, geopolitical, environmental developments.

In this perspective, the course provides intellectual, cognitive and operative tools aimed at enabling the students to understand the key principles of defence and security in the civil area.

Furthermore, the degree course provides methodologies, professional experience, cultural foundations, integrated with the participation to indisciplinary course in the juridical, economic, environmental, psychosocial, technical and technological field.

The learning pathway is addressed to school graduates and professionals aiming to improve their professional profile deepening their training in the area of the protection of strategic public and private interests within the institutional bodies of the State, answering to the growing demand for specialised professional able to understand the value of data and information, in the field of defence and security.

The Degree Course in Safety Science combines theoretical-practical teaching (workshops and masterclasses) and operational teaching in complex situations.

The methodology used ensures, in particular, that students acquire the essential knowledge and logic required to approach critical situations both in the prevention phase and in the emergency phase.

The aim of the course is to provide the knowledge and practical skills and from a legal-economic, environmental, socio-psychological and technological point of view, for the management of collective risk situations (forecasting, prevention, emergency, reconstruction).

The students may attend the degree course in Safety Science in live streaming modality for a maximum of 2/3 of the training activities.


Career opportunities

The ever-growing demand for defence and security specialists in Europe and in the democratic societies is an integral part of modernity.

We are witnessing a sensational professional revolution.

Work scenarios have radically changed to the extent that a variety of qualifying job opportunities are opening up for a new generation of students who have grasped the sign of change in good time.

The aim of the Degree Course in Safety Science, entrusted to the strategic guidance of Prof. Francesco Paolo Tronca, assisted by the Coordinator Avv. Tommaso Paparo, is to actively participate in the process of cultural and educational change, preparing the elite of tomorrow who will embody the values required to take care of the primary interests of the institutions, the national and European community, and the market.

Upon completion of the Degree Course in Safety Science, the candidates will be able to access the labour market with a specific training dedicated to the managerial aspects of physical and IT security and risk prevention, as well as to the logistic aspects.

Furthermore, the candidate will be able to join the armed forces as part of the Police Force, the Fire Department, the Civil Protection, the Local Police, as well as to opt for private security (security consultant, even in companies with interests in countries at risk), international cooperation (monitoring of security interventions and peace keeping), or in the conduction and coordination of security policy impact analyses.

For the Degree Course in Safety Science, LINK Campus University selected an extremely qualified teaching staff comprised of experts in various areas of the public institutions and active in various professional and market sectors in order to train tomorrow's professionals.