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The aim of the Bachelor's Degree course in Safety Science is to provide methodological, professional, cultural and social knowledge and skills, by providing an interdisciplinary learning pathway focus on the legal, economic, psycho-sociological and technical fields.

The educational offer is aimed at students who wish to deepen their training in the areas of public and private security for the protection of the strategic interests of the Italian Republic and the European Union, responding to the ever growing demand for specialized professionals in the field of defense and security. 

The Degree Course in Safety Science combines theoretical and practical knowledge (workshops and masterclasses) with operational didactics.

The methodology employed ensures the acquisition of essential knowledge and basic approaches for critical situations both in the prevention and emergency phases.
The aim of the course is to provide all the essential elements required to assimilate such content; necessary, from a legal-economic, socio-psychological and technological point of view, for the governance of collective risk situations (prediction, prevention, emergency).

The students may attend the Degree Course in Safety Science in live streaming modality for a maximum of 2/3 of the overall educational activities.

Career opportunities

Upon attainment of the Degree title, the graduates in Safety Science will be able to find employment in the corporate sector in roles dedicated to the managerial aspects of physical and IT security and risk prevention, as well as in logistics.

Il laureato, inoltre, potrà svolgere funzioni inerenti la sicurezza pubblica (attività di polizia preventiva o giudiziaria, coordinamento, direzione, formazione e controllo del territorio in ambito domestico e internazionale), la sicurezza privata (security consultant anche in aziende con interessi in Paesi a rischio), la cooperazione internazionale (monitoraggio degli interventi di sicurezza e peace keeping), conduzione e coordinamento di analisi d’impatto delle politiche di sicurezza.

Furthermore, upon attainment of the Degree title, the students will be able to carry out functions related to public security (preventive or judicial police activities, coordination, management and control of territory both at a national and international level, with regard to the fight against internal crime and international organized crime), private security (security consultant in companies with interests in countries at risk), international cooperation (monitoring of security and peacekeeping interventions, conduction and coordination of impact analysis of security policies.

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