Business Management - Global Management (L-18)

The Bachelor's Degree in Business Management - Global management (L-18) is implemented in mixed language (Italian and English). It offers a solid and comprehensive preparation in the areas of economics and business disciplines, necessary for roles in the various functional areas and business processes, from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course provides integrated knowledge in the economic-business disciplines with a special focus on business management and financial management, business creation, marketing processes in the context of globalization, technological and sustainable innovation, and management issues of organizations operating in the sports sector.

The course of study aims to provide students with integrated knowledge in the economic-business disciplines with a particular focus on managerial and financial management, business creation, technological and sustainable innovation processes, and management issues of organizations operating in the private, public, financial and sports sectors, through an interdisciplinary and internationalized approach. 

The course, although divided into several learning pathways, maintains a unified learning pathway in order to provide and share knowledge on the basic and transversal disciplines for the acquisition of the economic, financial, accounting, legal, managerial and organizational skills considered essential for the outgoing professional figures and indispensable for interacting and filling junior roles within the different management areas and in the different sectors of operation of organizations.

For all learning pathways, the teaching model adopted is modern and experiential: in fact, traditional lectures with the professors are completed by seminars, project works, classroom testimonies with professionals from companies and institutions, thematic and interdisciplinary workshops and, above all, direct 'field' experience at public and private institutions present and operating in the area. All this allows the acquisition and development of those soft skills that are now indispensable in the world of work (team work, problem solving, leadership, communication skills, social intelligence etc.).


  • Service worker/technician in organizations and companies in the production, financial, insurance and tax systems

  • assistant in the professional realities of companies operating in financial markets

  • assistant in departments of research institutes of government agencies, national and international monetary and financial institutions

  • specialists in innovation and sustainability

  • junior consultant or business analyst for consulting firms, including for public institutions in the field of sports economics and policy

  • business developer

  • business angel and junior entrepreneur

  • assistant managers of national and international sports institutions

  • junior managers of associations, sports clubs and public and private sports facilities

Modality of attendance

The learning activities are presential, however students meeting certain requirements can also participate in live streaming, wherever they are, interacting live with the classroom.


International Management and Finance

The learning pathway in International management and Finance has an international vocation, is conducted entirely in English, and includes a multinational class composition resulting in the participation of foreign exchange or regularly enrolled university students. The learning pathway includes a corpus of learning pathways providing concrete theoretical and operational knowledge of business processes and functions, combined with teachings that enable the student to complete their education by focusing on the topics of globalization and international finance.

The learning pathway International Management and Finance provides specialization on business processes and functions with the ability to decline relevant issues in an international context, understand and analyze the international and multicultural business environment. It provides skills related to financial, accounting and management control, essential for efficient corporate governance, as well as for operating profitably in financial markets. Thanks to company testimonials and various experiential workshops, the students will be able to interface with professionals working in different areas related to business administration and finance, as well as to put the concepts studied into practice with a learning-by-doing approach.

Technology and Sustainability Management

The learning pathway in Technology and Sustainability Management offers the opportunity to develop technical and methodological knowledge and skills in all functional areas of business, gaining sensitivity to technological innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship. The learning pathway is characterized by considerable interdisciplinarity, the curriculum aims to train professionals capable of understanding, interpreting and managing the technological changes and sustainable innovation present in the current national and international competitive environment. The pathway includes a series of courses providing concrete theoretical and operational knowledge of business processes and functions, along with teachings focused on issues of technological innovation and sustainability. The learning pathway offers a multi-disciplinary preparation, required in order to understand the economic, financial, social and juridical phenomena required to operate at a national and international level in a wide variety of business sectors. Furthermore, the curriculum enables the development of specific knowledge and skills in terms of technological innovation and sustainability.

Management of agility and innovation

The learning pathway Management of agility and innovation offers the opportunity to develop technical and methodological knowledge and skills in all functional areas of the company, gaining sensitivity to innovation and entrepreneurship. The learning pathway has an extremely inter-disciplinary connotation and aims to train professionals capable of understanding, interpreting and managing the changes taking place in the current national and international competitive environment. Furthermore, the learning pathway aims to create responsible leaders capable of operating in a business agility environment, which requires timely and innovative adaptive skills. The learning pathway offers a series of courses that provide a robust theoretical and operational understanding of business processes and functions, a with a course focused on the themes of innovation and business agility. 

Sports Management and Policies

The learning pathway in Sports Management and Policies offers a thorough theoretical and operational knowledge of the principles, tools and practices for effective and efficient management of organizational processes and functions in sports. The course is aimed to meet the growing need for skills in the field and is characterized by considerable interdisciplinarity. The course provides for a series of teachings in the economic, management and juridical field, essential for the management of sports organizations or entities and businesses investing in sports. The aim of the course is to prepare graduates who can bring real value to organizations, is being implemented with the collaboration of IDEMS, the training and research center of LINK University established to train and qualify professionals and managers in the area of sports law and management.

  • Nadia Linciano, Presidency of the council of ministers
  • Gianfranco Torriero, ABI Deputy General Manager and President ABI Services
  • Novella Calligaris, President of the National Association of Olympic Athletes and Azzurri D'Italia
  • Angelo Deiana, President of Confassociazioni
  • Gabriele Fava, President INPS
  • Giovanni Anastasi, President FORMEZ PA
  • Stefano Scravaglieri, Manager Organization, Planning and PMO - INVITALIA
  • Lucia Stella, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Manager – CMC Packaging Automation SpA
  • Giulia Sebastiani, Fixed Regulatory Expert – Vodafone Italia SpA
  • Danilo Galeotti, Head of Amazon Retail business development Middle East.

Arianna Marciano



Office Hours:

Monday and Friday, at 11:00-12:00

Wednesday, at 11:00-13:00

Tuesday and Thursday, at 15:00-16:00

In order to be admitted to the Degree Course, it is necessary to hold an upper secondary school diploma or other qualification obtained abroad, recognized as suitable by current regulations.

At the same time, the students must possess adequate knowledge of general culture and logic-mathematics, as well as text comprehension skills.

Furthermore, required knowledge and language skills consistent with the language of delivery of the Course of Study and/or individual curriculum.
The verification of the possession of the knowledge required for access is done by means of an appropriate test. 

In case the aforementioned test gives a negative result, the students will have to fulfill the following additional educational obligations (OFA):

  • Taking the examination of Matematica per il Management for the course delivered in Italian, Mathematics for Management for the course delivered in English in the case of failure of the general culture/text comprehension assessment;

  • Compulsory attendance of a remedial course delivered online in the event of a negative language proficiency assessment.

The OFA must be fulfilled within the first year of the course.

The Course of Study supports the students through 4 different types of tutoring:

  • Orientation and soft skill-aimed tutoring, carried out by the Educational Coordinator, who assists the students in the stages of orientation, insertion into university life, monitoring of the learning pathway and motivation (always having as a reference the planned results), support in the completion of bureaucratic procedures, the latter in collaboration with the Student Administration Office;

  • international orientation tutoring, carried out by the International office, which offers personalized assistance to both international students enrolled in the Course of Study and Erasmus students;

  • educational tutoring, entrusted to teaching support figures (teaching assistants, doctoral students, holders of supplementary teaching contracts, etc.), who support the students with supplementary teaching activities related to specific teachings;

  • specialized tutoring, carried out by the Inclusion Education Coordinator, for students with disabilities or specific learning disorders (DSA) and special educational needs (BES), aimed at reducing the obstacles that could prevent their full inclusion in the university environment.

The workshop activities are designed as moments of learning by doing, through which the students will acquire and/or refine soft skills (team work, problem solving, leadership, communication skills, etc.), increasingly fundamental in the labour maket. Furthermore, workshops represent opportunities for in-depth experiential learning in direct contact with professionals in the field.

The Course of Study reserves special credits for orientation training internships, to be carried out within the University, as well as internships and apprenticeships at institutions, agencies, organizations and foundations, enterprises, such as:

The final dissertation consists in the discussion, before a special committee, of a written paper prepared under the guidance of a professor, on a topic related to a discipline in which the student has taken an examination.

While not requiring specific characteristics of originality, the paper should demonstrate the acquired mastery of the analytical tools learned in the course of study, the ability to integrate the diversified disciplinary knowledge learned, as well as the communication skills suitable for a fruitful entry into the labour market and/or the continuation of the educational path in the two-year master's degree program.

The paper may be written and discussed in Italian and/or English.

The manner of conducting the final examination and its timing are defined in the academic calendar, published on the University website and communicated by the Student Administration Office. For further information, please consult the following link: https://www.unilink.it/en/students/final-dissertation

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